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signaling information carried via the protocol layers assists in this decision-making process by providing a conduit for the handset measurement results. Meanwhile, the traffic or voice channel is maintained by using a different section of the protocol channel. This process is called a hand-off, and decisions are made in real time on measurements performed by the mobiles and network elements. If an adjacent cell is found, the call is transferred without losing the conversation. In this way, a car and driver can travel anywhere in the coverage zone and continue a conversation. This is why cellular systems have become popular. Hand-offs have been made possible by the increase in network intelligence. Mobile stations are now able to upload and download information to or from the network to enable mobile tracking. Today, customer expectations of these networks include the ability to make and maintain a call anywhere within the subscribed operator s coverage area. The network operators market their services in this emerging market as extensions to the fixed line system. In addition, they also offer mobile data services, primarily for the business user. These service expectations and provisions force the operators to provide inherent network abilities such as call continuity, coverage, and speech quality at an acceptable cost. Cellular systems have come a long way since 1921. How they are realized and what challenges face the operators and equipment providers, from a test and measurement perspective, will be discussed in the remainder of this chapter. 17.3 Cellular Network Technology There are two major technology issues that present a major challenge for cellular systems, air interface (radio transmission) and mobility management. The world cellular markets are served by the following air interface technologies:
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impedance microstrip lines are wide, and high-impedance microstrip lines are narrow. But the most important attribute of microstrip is that its impedance does not change with frequency or with line length. The characteristic impedances of microstrip and stripline are designed to be anywhere between 10 to 100 ohms, with 50 ohms being the norm for transmission line use. Microstrip is very common in frequencies of operation at 150 MHz and above.
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Transportation and storage of materials at the site. MPT: How will traf c be maintained at each stage of construction ROW during construction: How will the contractor access the site MSF: Maintaining stream ow during construction for a bridge over a stream. Dewatering the work area. Removal of forms and temporary sheet piles. Utility relocations. Delays in acquiring construction permits, affecting the schedule.
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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A Better Universe
Circuit Analysis Demysti ed
Understanding Light
The if succeeds because b is an object of type B, which is derived from type A. Thus, b is an A. However, the reverse is not true. When this line is executed,
Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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