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Rights and obligations: What rights and obligations do sales personnel have under the sales compensation program What are management s rights and obligations under the sales compensation program Personal integrity: What personal integrity expectations does management hold for sales personnel What are the consequences for not upholding these expectations
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IP Phone Client
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The query panel has its own buttons that allow you to modify the way the SQL is generated. Table 20-2 provides an overview of each of these buttons. The buttons in Table 20-2 are specific to when you are modifying the query and not formatting the report. Table 20-3 shows the top row of buttons in the Java Report panel that you use while building a query. This row of buttons appears when you are editing either the query (Edit Query) or the formatted report (Edit Report). However, some will be grayed out, depending on which panel is active. From the query panel, you build or modify your query definitions. You run the query to retrieve the results and display in a formatted document.
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cathode ray. Cathode ray tubes, or CRT for short, are used extensively in video monitors and televisions. The electrons are ejected from the electron gun and directed at a screen coated with substances that glow different colors when struck with the electrons. The electron beam must strike different regions of the screen at different times and frequencies to create a clear
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Connectionless Type 3 CO data transfer Type 4 CL data transfer
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OTE: Attempting to throw an exception that is not supported by a function will cause the unexpected( ) standard library function to be called. By default, this causes abort( ) to be called, which causes abnormal program termination. However, you can specify your own termination handler, if you like. You will need to refer to your compiler s documentation for details.
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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Reflection is the feature that enables you to obtain information about a type. The term reflection comes from the way the process works: A Type object mirrors the underlying type that it represents. To obtain information, you ask the Type object questions, and it returns (reflects) the information associated with the type back to you. Reflection is a powerful mechanism because it allows you to learn and use the capabilities of types that are known only at runtime. Many of the classes that support reflection are part of the .NET Reflection API, which is in the System.Reflection namespace. Thus, you will normally include the following in programs that use reflection:
H.323 Layer 3/4 Policy Maps
Scour is induced due to wave action. Scour is induced due to tidal currents. Effects of the interaction of simultaneous uvial and tidal currents may be present. The effects of littoral drift can increase lateral migration and affect long term erosion. Bridges located on tidal waterways are also subjected to contraction and local scour. 4. The physical factors affecting tidal scour include: Peak tidal velocities Variations between ood velocity and ebb velocity Range of tidal amplitude between neaps and spring tides Locations and shapes of scour under different ow conditions Cumulative effect of a series of tides. Bridges on rivers (subjected to oods or accidents) seem to be affected the most. Historic failures due to ood scour in the U.S. and abroad: Table 3.4 lists some of the recorded scour failures in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Britain, Austria, Portugal, India, China, South Korea, and Australia.
Structures and Unions
You can determine the current position of each file pointer using these functions: pos_type tellg( ); pos_type tellp( ); Here, pos_type is a type defined by ios that is capable of holding the largest value that either function can return. You can use the values returned by tellg( ) and tellp( ) as arguments to the following forms of seekg( ) and seekp( ), respectively. istream &seekg(pos_type pos); ostream &seekp(pos_type pos); These functions allow you to save the current file location, perform other file operations, and then reset the file location to its previously saved location. As you have seen, C++ s I/O system is both powerful and flexible. Although this chapter discusses some of the most commonly used classes and functions, C++ includes several others. For example, you will want to explore the getline( ) function (defined by istream) and the various overloaded forms of the I/O functions described in this chapter.
Basic ASA Configuration
In C++, you can define a list of named integer constants. Such a list is called an enumeration. These constants can then be used anywhere that an integer can. Enumerations are defined using the keyword enum, and this general format: enum type-name { enumeration list } variable-list; The enumeration list is a comma-separated list of names that represent the values of the enumeration. The variable list is optional because variables may be declared later by using the enumeration type name. The following example defines an enumeration called apple, and two variables of type apple called red and yellow.
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7. What is the nearest-neighbor approximation A. Approximating the DNA sequence of one organism with the organisms that live nearby. B. Assuming that the dNA sequence of one gene can only affect the genes that are immediately next to it. C. Ignoring interactions between nucleotides that are not immediately next to one another in the dNA sequence. D. Approximating the DNA sequence by looking at which nucleotides are next to one another. 8. Which of the following statements is false S1. Superhelical DNA requires a force to hold the superhelix in place. S2. Circular DNA is always superhelical. S3. A superhelix is a quaternary structure. S4. Energy stored in the superhelix can be used to unwind the DNA. A. S1 and S2 B. S1 and S3 c. s1 and s4 D. S2 and S3 E. S2 and S4 9. What is a topological invariant A. A property that does not change under smooth deformations of shape B. The writhe C. The linking number d. A and B e. B and c F. C and A 10. A 5000-base-pair circular DNA has a linking number of 500, and its most stable amount of twist is 10 base pairs per turn. What is the writhe A. 10 B. 10 c. 0 d. 0.1
Hardware redundancy allows the SAN to recover from most component failures. Additional software, such as Oracle 9i Real Application Cluster or SQL Server 2000 utilizing Microsoft Clustering Services (MSCS), allows for the failover in a catastrophic software failure and in Oracle s case, performance improvements. NOTE Software such as Compaq s SANWorks is required to manage database clusters in certain hardware configurations. MSCS provides the capability to failover the Presentation Server farm data store to a functioning server in the event of a catastrophic server failure. MSCS is available on Windows 2000 Advanced Server and DataCenter, plus Windows Server 2003 Enterprise and DataCenter editions. MSCS monitors the health of standard applications and services, and automatically recovers mission-critical data and applications from many common types of failures. A graphical management console enables you to monitor the status of all resources in the cluster and to manage workloads accordingly. In addition, Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003 integrate middleware and load-balancing services that distribute network traffic evenly across the clustered servers. Redundancy and recovery can be built into each major component of the data store. Deploying the following technologies can eliminate single points-of-failure from the data store: Microsoft Cluster Service Redundant hardware Software monitoring and management tools.
than is found in typical telecommunications protocols. That flexibility can be exploited to enable custom services and features. SIP messages can include a number of optional fields, which can contain user-specified information. This approach enables users to share nonstandard user-specific information, which enables users and devices to make intelligent call-handling decisions. For example, a SIP INVITE can include a subject field. A person who receives an INVITE might decide to accept or reject the call depending on who is calling and what the subject happens to be. One can imagine a situation where an INVITE contains a text string such as I know you are there. Please answer the phone. If the call is rejected, the response might contain a text string such as Stop calling me! Imagine another scenario where a call is directed to a user who is currently not available. Obviously, the SIP response will indicate that the user is unavailable (no big surprise). The response could, however, include an indication that the user expects to be available again at 4 P.M. In such a case, the calling terminal could do two things. First, the terminal could tell the calling party that the called user expects to be available at 4 P.M. Second, at 4 P.M., it could ask the caller if he/she wants to make the call again and, if so, the terminal can automatically set up the call. Such a scenario is shown in Figure 5-6. This is a clever and simple mechanism in the IP world of providing a call-completion service, similar to the Call Completion to Busy Subscriber (CCBS) of the telephony world. It is also a lot more effi-
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