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Game design is highly interdisciplinary. You have to be the kind of person who goes on Jeopardy. And you have to know what makes games work, what makes them fun. Plus, you have to know the difference between what you think is fun and what the players do. That s a rare talent. Patricia Pizer, Massively-Multiplayer Online Design Specialist, ubi.com
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Tuning and Optimizations
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Q: A:
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locale is important for how dates and currencies are formatted.
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Let s examine the preceding program carefully, beginning with the overloaded operator +. When two objects of type ThreeD are operated on by the + operator, the magnitudes of their respective coordinates are added together, as shown in operator+( ). Notice, however, that this method does not modify the value of either operand. Instead, a new object of type ThreeD, which contains the result of the operation, is returned by the method. To understand why the + operation does not change the contents of either object, think about the standard arithmetic + operation as applied like this: 10 + 12. The outcome of this operation is 22, but neither 10 nor 12 is changed by it. Although no rule prevents an overloaded operator from altering the value of one of its operands, it is best for the actions of an overloaded operator to be consistent with its usual meaning. Notice that operator+( ) returns an object of type ThreeD. Although the method could have returned any valid C# type, the fact that it returns a ThreeD object allows the + operator to be used in compound expressions, such as a+b+c. Here, a+b generates a result that is of type ThreeD. This value can then be added to c. Had any other type of value been generated by a+b, such an expression would not work. Here is another important point: When the coordinates are added together inside operator+( ), the addition of the individual coordinates results in an integer addition. This is because the individual coordinates, x, y, and z, are integer quantities. The fact that the + operator is overloaded for objects of type ThreeD has no effect on the + as it is applied to integer values. Now, look at operator ( ). The operator works just like the + operator except that the order of the parameters is important. Recall that addition is commutative, but subtraction is not. (That is, A B is not the same as B A!) For all binary operators, the first parameter to an operator method will contain the left operand. The second parameter will contain the one on the right. When implementing overloaded versions of the noncommutative operators, you must remember which operand is on the left and which is on the right.
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59 dB Typically, CATV ampli ers have noise gures better than 10 dB, usually 4 to 7 dB. For the case of identical ampli ers connected together by lengths of cable with a loss equal to each ampli er gain, it was seen that the noise increased by 3 dB every time the number of ampli ers in cascade was doubled. Fo F1 10 log n
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Status (complete) Graduate ThesisTitle: String ThesisAdvisor: String Generalization constraint
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this vital information. Immediate issues that a structural forensic engineer may be faced with when arriving at a collapse site and in the ensuing days include issues such as:
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To add or delete VLANs, your switch must use either VTP server or
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The IS auditor will develop a communication plan in order to keep the IS auditor s management, as well as the auditee s management, informed throughout the audit project. The communication plan may contain one or more of the following: A list of evidence requested, usually in the form of a PBC (provided by client) list, which is typically a worksheet that lists specific documents or records and the names of personnel who can provide them (or who provided them in a prior audit). Regular written status reports that include activities performed since the last status report, upcoming activities, and any significant findings that may require immediate attention. Regular status meetings where audit progress, issues, and other matters may be discussed in person or via conference call. Contact information for both IS auditor and auditee so that both parties can contact each other quickly if needed.
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Evaluating Business Processes
Frame Relay Terms
Like all C++ compilers, C++ Builder can compile both C and C++ programs. In general, if a program ends in .CPP it is compiled as a C++ program. If it ends in .C, it is compiled as a C program. Therefore, the simplest way to cause C++ Builder to compile your C++ program as a C++ program is to give it the .CPP extension. This is important because attempting to compile a C++ program as if it were a C program will cause compilation errors. For information on compiling C++ programs, see Part 4.
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