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Fig. 1-16
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Iteration In the context of Excel, iteration would be required if you have circular references and you want the calculation to be performed over the formulas in the loop again and again. Iteration, after all, means to do something again or repeatedly. Usually, circular references are to be avoided, but, for our modeling work, circular references can be useful. A short circular reference happens when Formula A reads Formula B, which reads in turn Formula A. (The shortest is when Formula A reads itself.) Longer circular references have more intervening formulas, but the last one reads Formula A. A circular reference is useful for converging into a solution. Here is an example for the calculation of interest expense based on the amount of debt required in a balance sheet: 1. You are calculating the amount of debt that a company requires based on the plug number that fills the financing gap between the assets and the nondebt liabilities and shareholders equity. Let s say the plug is $100. 2. This new plug carries an interest rate of 10 percent or $10 for the year. 3. The additional interest expense decreases net income (let s assume no tax) and therefore shareholders equity through retained earnings. This creates another financing gap of $10, so the plug is now $110. 4. The interest expense is now $1 more at $11 ($110 * 10%), not $10. 5. An additional financing gap of $1 is produced. Now the plug is $111. 6. The interest expense is $11.10 ($111 * 10%). 7. The financing gap increases by $0.10. 8. The interest expense is $11.11 ($111.10 * 10%). 9. The financing gap increases by $0.01. 10. The interest expense is $11.111 ($111.11 * 10%). 11. And so on. . . . In this example, the numbers are converging: they are coming to a relationship with each other in which the changes
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// Manually throw an exception. using System; class ThrowDemo { static void Main() { try { Console.WriteLine("Before throw."); throw new DivideByZeroException(); } catch (DivideByZeroException) { Console.WriteLine("Exception caught."); } Console.WriteLine("After try/catch statement."); } }
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changed. To prove this to yourself, try removing the comment symbol preceding this line in the program:
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VoIP and SS7
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Individual equipment is treated as a black box whose jitter performance is defined terms of three measurements.
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repository, thus ensuring production users are not affected.
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About Sales Compensation Concepts
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(b) FIGURE 15.12. (a). Schematic of the angular microvibromotor. (b) Scanning electron microscope picture of a prototype (courtesy of Abraham P. Lee, National Institute of Standards and Technology).
// Copy into middle of target. Array.Copy(source2, 2, target, 3, 2); // Display copy. Console.Write("target after copy: foreach(int i in target)
// Demonstrate lifetime of a variable. using System; class VarInitDemo { static void Main() { int x; for(x = 0; x < 3; x++) { int y = -1; // y is initialized each time block is entered Console.WriteLine("y is: " + y); // this always prints -1
Value Representations
rect is not a square. Its area is 230.
Migrating to the Cloud
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9.3.1 Introduction
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Interactive Audio
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