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The C# Language
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Then substituting Eq. (12-7) into Eq. (12-4), we get
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6.8.5 Rating of Continuous Span Slab Bridge
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Speech-Coding Techniques
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A compound DC motor is a combination of the series and shunt DC motors. The way its windings are connected, and whether they are connected to boost (assist) or buck (oppose) one another in action, determine its type. Its basic characterization comes from whether current flowing into the motor first encounters a series field coil-short-shunt compound motor or a parallel shunt field coil-long-shunt compound motor as shown in Figure 6-3. If, in either one of these configurations, the coil windings are hooked up to oppose one another in action, you have a differential compound motor. If the coil windings are hooked up to assist one another in action, you have a cumulative compound motor. The beauty of the compound motor is its ability to bring the best of both the series and the shunt DC motors to the user. Torque The torque in a compound motor has to reflect the actions of both the series and the shunt field coils. Depending on whether you are hooked up in the differential or cumulative position, the shunt torque f and the series torque f either subtract to a difference figure or add together. The effect of these hookup arrangements on torque is illustrated in Figure 6-3, where the differential compound motor builds more slowly to a lower torque value than the shunt curve and the cumulative compound motor builds to a slightly higher torque value than the shunt curve at a slightly higher rate. Speed Similar to torque, the speed action in a compound motor will also reflect the dual variables of series and shunt field coil action. Figure 6-3 shows the speed curves. One of the initial benefits of the compound configuration is that runaway conditions at low field current levels for the shunt motor and at lightly loaded levels for the series motor can be eliminated. While the differential compound configuration is of questionable value its curve shows a tendency to runaway speeds at high armature current values the cumulative compound motor appears to offer benefits to EV operation. You can tailor a cumulative compound motor to your EV needs by picking one whose series winding delivers good starting torque and whose shunt winding delivers lower current draw and regenerative braking capabilities once up to speed. When you look, you might find these characteristics already exist in an off-the-shelf model. Reversing A short-shunt compound motor resembles a series motor, so reversing its applied voltage polarity normally does not reverse the motor direction. A long-shunt compound motor resembles a shunt motor, so reversing the voltage supply leads normally reverses the motor. As with speed and torque, compound motors can be tailored to do whatever you want to do in the reversing department.
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The early development of optical wireless as a wireless communication technology goes back to the time of the early development of radio frequency (RF) wireless communication technology. An optical wireless telephonic device called the photophone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1880, at about the same time as Marconi and Edison were demonstrating wireless telephony using radio frequency. The photophone used lightbeams to transmit voice conversation over distances of a few hundred meters. Bell considered this invention to be one of his most important inventions. It, however, had the same limitation as heliograph. It used sunlight as the source of its optical beam, making it unreliable because of its susceptibility to weather conditions. Despite early attempts to develop optical wireless, the technology was in no position to compete with RF wireless technology, which served the needs of the time with much more reliability. In fact, optical wireless technology remained mostly dormant until recently when the need for capacity grew significantly enough that its benefits over RF wireless could be brought to fruition. There have been many forms of modern optical wireless communication technology, including signaling devices such as remote controls and communication technology such as IrDA. However, the optical wireless communication technology discussed in this chapter is a technology that can be used to transfer large volumes of data over extended periods of time as part of a reliable network infrastructure. This technology is also commonly referred to as Free Space Optics (FSO) technology. Throughout the remainder of this chapter, the terms FSO and optical wireless are used interchangeably.
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resources are available, but that remote resources are not yet known to be available. Upon receipt of the INVITE, User B requests access to resources at the called end. Once access is granted, User B can proceed to alert the called party and returns a 180 (ringing) response to User A. That response contains a message body that indicates that the necessary resources are available at User B s end. The 180 (ringing) response is sent reliably. Since both ends have verified access to network resources, the call can proceed.
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CASE 107
The Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is an evolving telecommunications network standard that pulls a wide variety of consumer services into a single, highspeed access package. An ISDN supports data, voice, image, facsimile, video, and telemetry over the same set of wires (see Figure 3.11). Its main purpose, however, is to give users ready access to digital services.
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