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Scenario 2
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Que and Quien (Objects of a Preposition) Que (which, whom) is used as the object of a preposition referring primarily to things: Es el hotel de que yo hablo. (That s the hotel about which I am speaking.) Quien (whom) is used as the object of a preposition referring to people: Miguel es el muchacho con quien yo viajo. (Michael is the boy with whom I am traveling.) Note that in both cases the preposition precedes the relative pronoun quien or que. Quien may be used in the following circumstances:
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Digital Photography Getting to Know Your PC Digital Images QuickSteps Editing Your PC QuickSteps
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Version DOCSIS 1.0 DOCSIS 1.1 DOCSIS 2.0 DOCSIS 3.0
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Trunk and Extremities
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Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach
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As mentioned earlier in this chapter two basic types of devices are used , to convert electronic signals into light signals for fiber-optic transmission: light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and lasers. In this section we will examine each device separately.
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Using the Prepare for Service Bureau Wizard
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Minimizing Universe Maintenance
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The non-generic IComparer defines only one method, Compare( ), which is shown here: int Compare(object obj1, object obj2) Compare( ) compares obj1 to obj2. To sort in ascending order, your implementation must return zero if the objects are equal, a positive value if obj1 is greater than obj2, and a negative value if obj1 is less than obj2. You can sort in descending order by reversing the outcome of the comparison. The method can throw an ArgumentException if the type of obj is not compatible for comparison with the invoking object. An IComparer can be specified when constructing a SortedList, when calling ArrayList.Sort(IComparer), and at various other places throughout the collection classes. The main advantage of using IComparer is that you can sort objects of classes that do not implement IComparable. The following program reworks the non-generic inventory program so that it uses an IComparer to sort the inventory list. It first creates a class called CompInv that implements IComparer and compares two Inventory objects. An object of this class is then used in a call to Sort( ) to sort the inventory list.
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This program displays three unique temporary filenames:
No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
Seamless Networking with IS-41 and SS7
LAN Segment-B A Switch-5 0000.0001.A134 10 Switch-2 0001.0001.0001 E 20 J 10 LAN Segment-C 40 Switch-3 0001.0000.AC1D H 20 LAN Segment-A D 20 C 10 I Switch-1 0000.0001.1234 ROOT 10
Chemistry: Matter and Change 19
printf("I like C++ Builder");
20.01.The CD contains a multimedia demonstration of configuring OSPF on a router.
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