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In the configuration of the database it is important to note that most databases require a username and password for allowing a software query (usually through SQL). This username and password should be changed from the default! Also consider using internal firewalls and a standard security infrastructure to limit possible attacks, including those from inside the organization. A number of biometric systems that feature advance template management features provide for encrypted template storage. Generally, however, the weakest aspect of the biometric system is in the transmission of the template and match information between a device and the network database. Biometric system vulnerabilities are covered in more detail in 8.
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# allows you to define the meaning of an operator relative to a class that you create. This process is called operator overloading. By overloading an operator, you expand its usage to your class. The effects of the operator are completely under your control and may differ from class to class. For example, a class that defines a linked list might use the + operator to add an object to the list. A class that implements a stack might use the + to push an object onto the stack. Another class might use the + operator in an entirely different way. When an operator is overloaded, none of its original meaning is lost. It is simply that a new operation, relative to a specific class, is added. Therefore, overloading the + to handle a linked list, for example, does not cause its meaning relative to integers (that is, addition) to be changed. A principal advantage of operator overloading is that it allows you to seamlessly integrate a new class type into your programming environment. This type extensibility is an important part of the power of an object-oriented language such as C#. Once operators are defined for a class, you can operate on objects of that class using the normal C# expression syntax. You can even use an object in expressions involving other types of data. Operator overloading is one of C# s most powerful features.
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chapter 5
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that at points where the first derivative goes to zero, the curves are concave up when the second derivative is positive and concave down when the second derivative is negative. This is a calculus method of determining where the curves are concave
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In the comparative, use adjectives to compare two or more things
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Part I:
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As explained at the start of this chapter, the STL supports (and extensively utilizes) function objects. Function objects are simply classes that define operator( ). The STL provides many built-in function objects, such as less, minus, etc. It also allows you to define your own function objects. Frankly, it is beyond the scope of this book to fully describe all of the issues surrounding the creation and use of function objects. Fortunately, as the preceding examples have shown, you can make significant use of the STL without ever creating a function object. However, since function objects are a main ingredient of the STL, it is important to have a general understanding.
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
Remove Obstructions
Answers: 1,3,4
Console Access
Importing a Table from Another Application
It helps to mentally associate CTRL with constrain and SHIFT as additional or added feature.
FileExit (selected from drop-down action list) FileNew EditCut1 EditCopy1 EditPaste1
The Mode list includes nine object snap points you can define. You can toggle them on or off using the check boxes. Symbols beside each of the modes identify the current snapping points on different object types. Use the Select All and Deselect All buttons to quickly activate or deactivate all the options in the list. At times you might want snapping to occur at certain object points but not others you can turn specific snap points on or off. Choose options from the modes list to have objects snap to precise points on other objects in the following ways:
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