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Application Integration Issues
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If cusps are allowed at the endpoints P1(x1, y1) and P2(x2, y2), then the slope and curvature conditions of Eq. (7.24) must be relaxed.
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Example Equal-Height Histogram for the Salary Column
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Why Data Types Are Important
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This passes a character pointer to the start of name. To access the individual characters of, you can index name. For example, you can print the contents of one character at a time by using this code:
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One of the issues of a connection-oriented service such as TCP is that they typically go through a handshake process before data can be transferred, and then acknowledge that all data sent was received. In some instances, such as file transfers, this makes sense, because you want to ensure that all data for the file is transferred successfully. However, in other cases, when you want to send only one piece of information and get a single reply back, going through a handshake process adds overhead and delay that typically isn t necessary. In TCP/IP, a domain name service (DNS) query is a good example of when using a connection-oriented service doesn t make sense. With a DNS query, a device is trying to resolve a fully qualified domain name to an IP address. The device sends the single query to a DNS server and waits for the server s response. In this process, only two messages are generated: the client s query and the server s response. Because of the minimal amount of information shared between these two devices, it makes no sense to establish a reliable connection first before sending the query. Instead, the device should just send its information and wait for a response. If a response doesn t come back, the application can send the information again or the user can get involved. With operating systems implementation of DNS, you can configure two DNS servers in your TCP/IP adapter settings. If you don t get a reply from the first server in an application, the application can try to use the second configured server.
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One problem with a dye-sublimation printer is that it uses the same amount of dye-coated ribbon for every print, even if only one color is used. And the cost per print of the ribbon 71 cents is almost equal to the 78-cent price for one sheet of dye-sub photo paper. Because the ribbon must make four passes over the paper, one for each color carried by the ribbon, it takes 90 seconds to turn out a simple print. This makes it an impractical choice for high-volume jobs, especially if the dye-sub is used to produce a lot of ordinary black-and-white letters and other documents. The cost of supplies alone would be high enough to justify a separate printer for the monochrome work. But if you want the absolutely best quality for your photographs and price and time be damned, you should at least look at a dye-sub. A few years ago, an office dye-sub printer cost several thousand dollars. Now camera makers are turning out dye-subs at decent prices. If you don t mind a limit of 4 6-inch prints, you can find a dye-sub for $300 to $500. Limit yourself some more say, to wallet-size prints and it ll cost you just over $200. Olympus sells a dye-sub that produces 8 10-inch prints and costs $500. The final criterion for quality, though, is your eyesight. You must first examine the actual hard copy produced by any printer you re considering. It should be done on the printer s own best paper. (The unattended printers displayed in stores that give you a printing sample at the push of a button aren t usually done with the best paper and the highest settings. Track down a sales rep and ask him to break out the good paper.) Take a look at Figure 6-6. It shows extreme enlargements of a portion of a standard color test image (available for your own tests at PrinterTestfile.jpg.hqx). Starting clockwise beginning at the top left, the printers used are a Hewlett-Packard G85 ink-jet, an Epson photo-quality ink-jet, and a Sony dye-sublimation printer. The fourth print was done using conventional chemical photo processing. All of these prints look good at their normal 4 6 size, but the enlargements reveal subtle differences among them. code 39 generator source
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Part II:
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1. Conventional NDT measuring techniques used in the past: Dye penetration Visual inspection Magnetic particle testing. 2. With acoustic emissions technology, structures can be monitored without the need to remove paint, gain access to dif cult areas, or disrupt traf c. A network of microphones is used to detect acoustic waves. Signals are transmitted and stored on a data logger for pre-processing and post-processing. However, unwanted noise signals affect the accuracy of signals and need to be minimized or eliminated by pre-processing.
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YOU TRY IT Discuss one-sided limits at c = 3 for the function
STEP 4: Trim excess braid; slide insulator over conductor into ferrule; slide male contact over conductor and solder STEP 3: Slip on body, making sure shield does not contact center conductor, and solder tip and shield through holes
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