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7: Planning Module in PerformancePoint Server
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Polymorphism (from the Greek, meaning many forms ) is the quality that allows one interface to be used for a general class of actions. The specific action is determined by the exact nature of the situation. A simple example of polymorphism is found in the steering wheel of an automobile. The steering wheel (i.e., the interface) is the same no matter what type of actual steering mechanism is used. That is, the steering wheel works the same whether your car has manual steering, power steering, or rack-and-pinion steering. Therefore, once you know how to operate the steering wheel, you can drive any type of car. The same principle can also apply to programming. For example, consider a stack (which is a first-in, last-out list). You might have a program that requires three different types of stacks. One stack is used for integer values, one for floating-point values, and one for characters. In this case, the algorithm that implements each stack is the same, even though the data being stored differs. In a non-object-oriented language, you would be required to create three different sets of stack routines, calling each set by a different name, with each set having its own interface. However, because of polymorphism, in C++ you can create one general set of stack routines (one interface) that works for all three specific situations. This way, once you know how to use one stack, you can use them all. More generally, the concept of polymorphism is often expressed by the phrase one interface, multiple methods. This means that it is possible to design a generic interface to a group of related activities. Polymorphism helps reduce complexity by allowing the same interface to be used to specify a general class of action. It is the compiler s job to select the specific action (i.e., method) as it applies to each situation. You, the programmer, don t need to do this selection manually. You need only remember and utilize the general interface. The first object-oriented programming languages were interpreters, so polymorphism was, of course, supported at run time. However, C++ is a compiled language. Therefore, in C++, both run-time and compile-time polymorphism are supported.
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1. Photographing a cityscape is just like
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Software development is not a risk-free endeavor. Even when management provides adequate resources to a software development project and supports a viable methodology, there are still many more paths to failure than to success. Some of the specific risks that are associated with software development projects include Application inadequacy The application may fail to support all business requirements. During the requirements and specifications phases of a software development project, some business requirements may have been overlooked, disregarded, or unappreciated. Whatever the reason, an application that falls short of meeting all business requirements may, as a result, be underutilized or even abandoned. Project risk If the application development (or acquisition) project is not well run, the project may exceed spending budgets, time budgets, or both. This may result in large delays and even abandonment of the project altogether if management has considered the project a failure. Business inefficiency The application may fail to meet business efficiency expectations. In other words, the application itself may be difficult to use, it may be exceedingly slow, or business procedures may require additional manual work to meet business needs. This can result in critical business tasks taking too long or requiring additional resources to complete. Market changes Between the time that a software development project is approved and when it is completed, sudden and unexpected changes in market conditions can spell disaster for the project. For instance, drastic supply or price shocks in a macro-environment can have an adverse effect on costs that may make a new business activity no longer viable. Changes in the market can also result in reduced margins on products and services, which can turn the ROI of a project upside-down.
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21: EIGRP Routing
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photo takes about half a dozen clicks. Figure 7-2 shows two versions of Ansel Adams photo of the Grand Tetons and Snake River. On the left is the original scan from the National Archives. It has a resolution of 3,000 2,402 pixels, more than 6 megapixels. In Elements, the quickest way to reduce it to e-mail size is to choose Image | Resize | Image Size. The Image Size dialog box displays the photo s dimensions in pixels, printed inches, and its resolution, which is 300 pixels per inch (ppi) for the original file on the left.
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these two sets of dimensions are defined and displayed by the printer options you choose in the Print Setup dialog, opened by choosing File | Print Setup, as shown.
Make sure you validate the fingerprint/signature that is on the root certificate, since this certificate is used to validate any other certificate associated with this CA. Once you have the root certificate, you can obtain your identity certificate with the following command:
Why Both End Users and Service Providers Prefer Ethernet Services End Users Attractive Economics Lowers IT cost and enables pay-asyou-use model
If you ever want to start a microcontroller war, log onto one of the robot clubs e-mail list servers and ask the question What is the best microcontroller and watch what happens. Many people think the microcontroller they use is the best, but there s really only one correct answer to this question: the best microcontroller is the one that you know how to use and program. Every microcontroller has its advantages and disadvantages. Some microcontrollers have features that make certain tasks easier than other microcontrollers. For example, a number of microcontrollers have a built-in feature that can directly read in an analog voltage, and other microcontrollers have multitasking capabilities. Although users of these types of microcontrollers may claim they are better than other types of microcontrollers, that s not necessarily true. You can always find a way to make a microcontroller work to meet your specific needs, particularly if you re handy with electronics and/or programming. A weak microcontroller with good programming can outperform a good microcontroller with bad programming. A search of the internet will yield dozens of companies that sell different types of microcontrollers. All of the different manufacturers have documentation that explains the capabilities of their products, an explanation of the programming language, and sample programs that illustrate the microcontrollers capabilities. When selecting a microcontroller, keep in mind what you want it to do, and compare it with the literature you have collected. Then choose the microcontroller based on how well it can fit your needs and how well you understand its programming language. The next few sections offer a short introduction to several of the popular available microcontrollers, and at the end of this chapter is a short discussion of microcontroller applications.
The PivotChart and PivotTable are more powerful than the Analytic Chart and Analytic Grid, but the PivotChart and PivotTable reports use the Office Web Components (OWC) and this requires both an install on the client machine if they don t already exist, and it requires that each user viewing the reports have a license for the controls. Starting either a PivotChart or PivotTable starts a wizard that asks the developer the same three questions as any other object (name, folder, and permissions). After filling in this information the design surface is rendered. PivotCharts have two buttons on the toolbar that load additional tools: Commands and Options and the Chart Wizard. Commands and Options allows for changes to the borders, toolbars, and so forth. The Chart Wizard, on the other hand, launches a dialog box that walks the developer through the process of creating a report. Unlike the Analytic Charts and
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Pass information out of the method via an out parameter.
Blu-ray Disc, the overall format family Blu-ray Disc Founders group, original BD member companies Blu-ray Disc Association, the larger association open to new members Blu-ray Disc Rewritable, initial physical disc format created by the BDF Blu-ray Disc Recordable, record-once version of Blu-ray discs Blu-ray Disc File System, original file system for BD-RE 1.0 (not PC compatible) Blu-ray Disc Audio Visual, application format for BD-RE and BD-R discs Blu-ray Disc Movie, content storage and playback format for BD-ROM (uses BDAV streams) HD Movie mode, declarative navigation environment for BDMV files Blu-ray Java, procedural software environment for BDMV files Blu-ray Board of Directors, top-level voting group in the BDA
administrative control, which could be your company, a division within your company, or a group of companies.
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