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Domain Key Normal Form
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Personal Computers
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Condition objects involving time functions are popular. Additionally, BusinessObjects XI does not allow users to add calculations within the query panel, so condition objects become the only way in which users can create rolling reports. The following objects use SYSDATE, which returns the current date according to the RDBMS.
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Special Privileges Required to Restrict the Self-service Account
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In C#, characters are not 8-bit quantities like they are in many other computer languages, such as C++. Instead, C# uses Unicode. Unicode defines a character set that can represent all of the characters found in all human languages. Thus, in C#, char is an unsigned 16-bit type having a range of 0 to 65,535. The standard 8-bit ASCII character set is a subset of Unicode and ranges from 0 to 127. Thus, the ASCII characters are still valid C# characters. A character variable can be assigned a value by enclosing the character inside single quotes. For example, this assigns X to the variable ch:
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Transporting Voice by Using IP
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6. Click OK to close the List of Values dialog and return to the query panel. 7. Notice that in this dialog box, semicolons separate multiple values. The two conditions are connected with an AND in the SQL statement. In the SQL, the values are separate by commas.
specify which interfaces are considered inside and which are outside.
Route Summarization
In the previous example, there is no advantage to using reflection to invoke methods on MyClass since an object of type MyClass was explicitly created. It would be easier to just call its methods normally. However, the power of reflection starts to become apparent when an object is created dynamically at runtime. To do this, you will need to first obtain a list of the constructors. Then, you will create an instance of the type by invoking one of the constructors. This mechanism allows you to instantiate an object at runtime without naming it in a declaration statement.
// ArrayUtils.CopyInsert(0.01, 2, nums, nums2);
Figure 3-4
4. Pull the cable through the hole in the wall. This might need to be done using fish tape (as we described earlier); then, line the cable up with the hole on the back of the console mounting hardware. 5. Secure the mounting hardware to the wall. With this particular model, there are special brackets that fan out of the back of the mounting hardware, then hold the hardware to the drywall. Once it has been installed and the cabling pulled through, it will look like Figure 6-20.
MAC addresses are 48 bits in length and are represented in hexadecimal. The
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ROMMON mode is similar to ROMMON on a Cisco IOS device like a router it is typically used to perform password recovery, low-level troubleshooting, and to recover from a lost or corrupt operating system. The PIXs support a similar mode called Monitor mode that performs these functions. To access ROMMON mode, you ll first need to reboot your appliance to have access to the appliance s console port. As the appliance boots up, you ll see a message that states Use BREAK or ESC to interrupt flash boot. Press one of these keys within 10 seconds of seeing this message, and you ll be taken into ROMMON mode, as shown in Listing 2-2. Listing 2-2: Accessing Monitor mode on your PIX
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