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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Figure 5-12 When editing a KPI, the number format can be set manually. Otherwise, the formatting found in the data source is used.
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Figure 5-8 Network topologies
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Here is the previous format demonstration program rewritten to use String.Format( ). It produces the same output as the earlier version.
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Inside Inside Inside Inside Inside MyMeth(int): 10 MyMeth(double): 10.1 MyMeth(int): 99 MyMeth(int): 10 MyMeth(double): 11.5
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RADIUS was developed by the Livingston Corporation, which is now owned by Lucent. It is currently an open standard, defined in RFCs 2138 and 2139. However, many extensions have been added by various companies for their networking devices, making it a somewhat open standard. RADIUS supports UDP for the connection between the networking device and AAA server; it only encrypts the user s password used for authentication, nothing else, making it less secure (more susceptible to eavesdropping attacks) than Kerberos or TACACS+. For example, if a user were trying to log into a router, the router would forward the authentication information (user s access method console, VTY, or other means and the username) in clear text, but would encrypt the user s password. Probably RADIUS biggest advantage over the other two security protocols is that, because it was developed for dialup and networks like ISPs, it has a very robust accounting system: keeping track of when a user connected, how long he was connected, and how many bytes were transmitted to and from the user. NOTE RADIUS is most commonly used on the appliances for connections going through it, like CTP and remote access VPNs. RADIUS is actually required for some security features, like 802.1x and LEAP. RADIUS uses one UDP connection for authentication and authorization, and a second connection for accounting. Depending on implementation of RADIUS, the port numbers for authentication/authorization and accounting are either 1645 and 1646, or 1812 and 1813, respectively.
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Imposition layout Add layout Delete current layout selected
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if(v.CompareTo(what) == 0) // now OK, uses CompareTo() return true;
The Relational Data Model
Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference padding-right padding-right sets the width of the padding on the right side of an element.
4.3 Fiber-Optic Construction and Installations
generating a proportional electrical current. pixel Picture element, the smallest individual element in an image.
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In the pinball tournament, bots must navigate around a course and hit certain objects, each of which is worth a different number of points. The bot with the most points wins the tournament. Bots score 5 points for hitting barrels, 10 points for the multiball, and 5 points for each multiball in the pit. Crossing over the ramp is worth 20 points, going through the car door gate is worth 25 points, and moving the sphere out of the pit is worth 25 points. Hitting Matilda s and Sergeant Bash s guarded targets are worth 50 points each, and getting past Dead Metal to its target is worth 75 points. All of this must be accomplished in 5 minutes.
The Centre for Creative Communications Toronto University of Waterloo National Animation and Design Centre (NAD Centre) New Media Campus Regina New Media Campus Saskatoon Canada (continued) Waterloo Montreal Regina Saskatoon
CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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