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Figure 33.7 In the link status application, the system provides a real-time map showing the interconnection of all the SS7 linksets being monitored. The status of linksets is shown on the GUI network map by color-coding the displayed linksets.
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Navigating InfoView
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MGCP Example Configuration
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In this example, the URG flag is allowed for the FTP data connection (port 20 when in active/ standard mode), and retransmissions of the same packet are checked and verified.
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UnivTable4 StdSSN S1 S1 S2 S2 OfferNo 01 02 01 03 Email joe@bigu joe@bigu mary@bigu mary@bigu EnrGrade 3.5 3.6 3.8 3.5
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Threes use their Heart Center to focus on how other people are responding to them in terms of the Three s gaining their respect and admiration. Because most Threes read their audience adroitly, they are able to change their persona specifically, what they are saying and how they are saying it, as well as their nonverbal behavior in order to elicit the response they desire. For this reason, Threes are called the chameleons of the Enneagram.
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=MAX([Measure Variable])
As shown in Figure 13.8, Q-in-Q provider bridges are an excellent method for connecting ISP subscribers to their routers. In addition, other services besides routers, e.g., IP television sources, can be attached to the Up VLANs as well. Depending on the scaling capabilities of the bridges and routers, their relative numbers may be different from that shown in the figure. Note that this model does not have a place for PPP over Ethernet. Ethernet is inherently more reliable than the modem lines for which PPP was developed. As long as the network uses Ethernet from the subscriber to the router, and as long as the bridges employed follow the recommendations of IEEE 802.1 with regard to handing the frames hardware checksums, PPP adds more complexity and expense than it helps.
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Now that you understand what a normal lens does to perspective, let s take a look at a few abnormal (but artistic and creative) perspectives, beginning with no perspective and working
Implementation of Model-Based Estimating
Figure 8-6
Figure 14 - 10 shows a typical screen displayed after you press the SETUP button on the remote.
Exception Handling
As you can see, the count still proceeds normally. However, notice the summation value for 5. It shows 21 instead of 15! The reason for this is that sum is captured by ctObj when it is created by the Counter( ) method. This means it remains in existence until count is subject to garbage collection at the end of the program. Thus, its value is not destroyed when Counter( ) returns or with each call to the anonymous method when count is called in Main( ). Although captured variables can result in rather counterintuitive situations, such as the one just shown, it makes sense if you think about it a bit. The key point is that when an anonymous method captures a variable, that variable cannot go out of existence until the delegate that captures it is no longer being used. If this were not the case, then the captured variable could be undefined when it is needed by the delegate.
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