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can be an invaluable tool to meter software that is, to find out if the number of licenses purchased matches the number of licenses in use. It can also aid in creating inventories of hardware that need to be upgraded for a particular project. Similar functionality is available for peripheral and network devices. Hardware and software inventory data is usually rolled into the overall configuration management process.
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I cannot begin to stress how important it is to know the commands for configuring address translation: static, dynamic NAT, and overloading. Don t be surprised if you are asked to configure address translation in a simulation question on the exam.
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The Analytic Grid is very similar to the Analytic Chart. The wizard asks exactly the same questions for the grid as it does when the designer is creating a chart. Once the design surface is loaded up, the only difference between the grid and the chart design surface is that the grid has panels named Rows and Columns instead of Series and Bottom Axis, respectively. This makes it very easy to understand exactly how the data will look when the grid is laid out. The grid has two features that the chart doesn t, but it also lacks many of the features found in the chart. On the positive side, the grid allows people to drill down on dimensions in either the rows or the columns. Technically the chart did this as well but the user had to right-click to do it. With the grid, drilling down on multiple dimensions is much easier. Second, the grid allows a user to either drill down (have the children of the selection replace the selection and its siblings) or expand, which means to show the children for the selection while leaving the parent and its siblings visible. In fact, expanding data is more easily discoverable than drilling down, as there is a plus sign available for expanding but the user has to know to double-click in order to drill down. Playing off the example used to create charts, assume that the developer creates a new grid and places Product Model Lines on the Rows, Date.Date.Calendar on the Columns, and Gross Profit in the Background. Clicking the Browse button opens the report in the Browse Analytic Report viewer, and the grid is displayed. In this case, the Big Blue Bar is gone, replaced with a single value in a cell and All Periods as the column header and All Products as the row header.
The controller is also well matched in characteristics to the Advance model FBI4001 series DC motor, particularly in the impedance area (you read about the importance of this for peak power transfer). If the Curtis PMC DC controller characteristics sound familiar, it s because they use the PWM IC technology you ve been reading about throughout this chapter, and bring all these benefits to you with additional features in a rugged, preassembled, guaranteed-to-work package at a fine price. The same reputable vendor comments from the 6 also apply here. Installation and hookup is a breeze. If you look closely at the controller terminals, you ll notice the markings M , B , B+ and A2 appear (listed clockwise from the lower left when facing the terminals). You already know that the first three correspond to the Mot, Bat, and +Bat markings on the terminal bars in Figure 7-2. The A2 marking means Armature 2, the opposite end of the armature from the Armature 1 winding that is normally connected to the +Bat, or in this case the B+ terminal. Anything else you might want to know is covered in the Curtis PMC manual that accompanies the controller.
The Far Horizon
6 Developing Data Models for Business Databases 189 and 6.26 depict an example o f converting an optional 1-M relationship with an attribute. N o t e that the Lists table contains the Commission column.
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This option works only when you have separately extracted the row counts for each table (View | Number Of Rows In Table). The row count will display the actual or expected number of rows in each table, useful for determining join order and outer join issues. Show Format will display the format of the column: C for character D for date N for number T for long text L for lob all large binary objects (blob, clob, bfile, nblob in Oracle) Join fields are either character, date, or number. Most databases do not allow you to join between two columns that are in different formats, even if the values are the same. For example, if the ARTICLE_ID in SHOP_FACTS is character and ARTICLE_ID in ARTICLE_LOOK_UP is numeric, the database will return an error during query execution and/or when you select Parse in editing the join statement. During the universe integrity check, quick parsing will not reveal this error, but thorough parsing will. Therefore, use thorough parsing. Joins between two tables are usually between key columns. For Designer to underline which columns are keys, check this box, and in addition, extract the key information via your strategies (see 7). Select the File | Parameters | Strategies tab. In the Join box, select All Matching Column Names. Note that the first join strategy does not include key info. If Designer does not underline the key names in the structure pane, refresh your database structure by selecting View | Refresh Structure. Left Justified and Centered affect the appearance of whether the column names are left aligned or centered beneath the table name in the structure pane.
A slab (or plate) offers the greatest bene ts to the user, whether it is a bridge deck supporting moving vehicles, a roof slab offering protection from the elements of nature, or a oor slab in a residential building. Hence, stress distribution in slabs is of paramount importance in structural engineering. A thin plate element is subjected to beam type bending in two directions and the accompanying twisting moments and shear. A plate may be idealized as a series of beams placed in two directions at right angles which interact with each other according to Poisson s ratio, i.e., a fraction of the load is also shared by beam bending at right angles to primary bending. S. P. Timoshenko has expressed bending of a plate or slab using partial differential equations as follows: Equation 4.4a for line element of a beam in the x direction can be generalized for a (plate) surface element by allowing secondary curvature in the y direction as: Mx D ( 2 w/ x2) D ( 2 w/ y2) (4.6a)
(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) 59.
namespace CounterNameSpace { int upperbound; int lowerbound; class counter { int count; public: counter(int n) { if(n <= upperbound) count = n; else count = upperbound; } void reset(int n) { if(n <= upperbound) count = n; } int run() { if(count > lowerbound) return count--; else return lowerbound; } }; }
In the first WriteLine( ) statement, the same argument, 10.12345, is formatted three different ways. This is possible because each format specifier refers to the first (and only) argument. In the second WriteLine( ) statement, the three arguments are displayed in nonsequential order. Remember, there is no rule that format specifiers must use the arguments in sequence. Any format specifier can refer to any argument.
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