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end of December. While loss of this supply was partially offset by other suppliers within OPEC, burgeoning TV-network coverage, simultaneously broadcast throughout the world, of the Shah s mid-January 1979 departure and the Ayatollah Khomeini s arrival (along with other internal Iranian events) convinced the world that Iran would never return to its pro-Western ways, and initiated a 1973-style hoarding and panic buying spree. What started as a 2 million barrel per day shortfall became 5 million barrels per day as governments, oil companies, and consumers scrambled for supplies. Hoarding at all levels exacerbated the problem, gas lines appeared again, and oil prices went from $13 to $34 a barrel (see Figure 3-10). Although Iranian exports returned to the market by March 1979, the ill-timed Three Mile Island nuclear accident of March 28, 1979 further intensified the panic surrounding energy awareness, in addition to forever altering public opinion on nuclear power. Several other factors contributed to making the gasoline crisis that occurred during 1979 in most industrialized nations of the free world more severe than any previous crisis. Many refineries set up to process light Iranian crude could not deliver as much gasoline from the alternate heavier crude oil they were forced to accommodate. Uncooperative (and in some cases, conflicting) policies by federal, state, and local governments and oil companies disrupted the orderly distribution of the gasoline supplies that were available. The appearance of oil commodity traders, who could make huge profits on the play between the long-term contract and spot prices for oil, artificially bid up the price of spot oil in response to the prevailing buy-all-you-can-getat-any-price mentality. Lengthy gasoline lines and rationing interfered with all levels of business and personal life. By the time the Iran hostage crisis began, a state of anarchy existed in the world oil market that President Carter s subsequent embargo of Iranian oil and freeze on Iranian assets did little to ease. The third shock occurred in the opposite direction prices went down. The selfcorrecting market forces that swing into action after any shortage or glut accomplished what the world leadership could not, this time with a vengeance. At the OPEC meeting of June 1980, the official price averaged $32 per barrel, but OPEC inventories were high, and approaching economic recession caused price and demand to fall in consuming
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Digital network error performance can be measured over a complete end-to-end connection called a path, or over parts of the network called lines and sections. These network segments are illustrated in Figure 5.5. Path measurements indicate the overall quality of service to the customer. Line and section measurements are used for troubleshooting, installation and maintenance, and for assuring transmission objectives are met.
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/* DTOS: A program that reads text files and displays them on the screen. */ #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { FILE *fp; char ch; if(argc!=2) { printf("You forgot to enter the filename.\n"); exit(1); } if((fp=fopen(argv[1], "r")) == NULL) { printf("Cannot open file.\n"); exit(1); }
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A rectangular garden is to be constructed against the side of a garage. The gardener has 100 feet of fencing, and will construct a three-sided fence; the side of the garage will form the fourth side. What dimensions will give the garden of greatest area
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First, notice that class B inherits class A. Next, examine the two Gen declarations in Main( ). As the comments explain, the first declaration
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Metro access, metro core, regional, long, and ultra-long haul are terms often employed in the context of Service Provider transport networks; they do not identify precise physical boundaries but rather serve to delineate the geographic reach of a transport solution. These terms also signify different distances depending on the context; For example, in the U.S., a regional solution is usually in the several hundred mile range, but in Europe the range may be considerably shorter. They are discussed in 1.
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As explained in 3, C# 3.0 adds the ability to declare implicitly typed variables by using the var keyword. These are variables whose type is determined by the compiler, based on the type of the initializing expression. Thus, all implicitly typed variables must be initialized. Using the same mechanism, it is also possible to create an implicitly typed array. As a general rule, implicitly typed arrays are for use in certain types of queries involving LINQ, which is described in 19. In most other cases, you will use the normal array declaration approach. Implicitly typed arrays are introduced here for completeness. An implicitly typed array is declared using the keyword var, but you do not follow var with [ ]. Furthermore, the array must be initialized because it is the type of the initializers that determine the element type of the array. All of the initializers must be of the same or compatible type. Here is an example of an implicitly typed array:
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Navigating InfoView
Testing switching centers and IN platforms in a wireless network is similar to testing of these pieces of equipment in fixed networks. Additional testing is required for the functionality specific to wireless systems. Transmission equipment testing, normally carried out by the third-party provider, is covered elsewhere in this book. Switching centers and IN platforms are tested using the three-stage process previously described. All layers of the communications protocols are tested. The lower levels of the protocol typically are tested to specifications written by the operators of the fixed-line network with which the cellular network interconnects. In turn, these test specifications are based on international standards, such as the Signaling System 7 CCITT test specifications Q.781 and Q.782. The upper layers of the protocol are tested using specific protocol decodes implemented on the Test Harness. These tests are based upon the real-world situations where the network equipment will be used. Most tests are based on various call scenarios, such as incoming calls, outgoing calls, emergency calls, and diverted calls. In addition, overload situations are tested to determine the actual throughput of the equipment. The test harness is programmed to respond to signaling messages initiated by the network equipment under test. The responses from the TH can be altered to determine how the system under test reacts under certain failure scenarios. Figure 20.3 is an example showing the testing of a switching center for a successful incoming call setup. The test harness is capable of simulating all the other equipment with which the system under test communicates. As such, the TH must be capable of generating signaling messages for different protocols within a single test sequence. If a test harness with these facilities is not available, multiple test instruments can be used to simulate the various pieces of equipment. The test harness must be programmable, to allow the response of the system under test to be checked at all stages in the test sequence. For example, in Figure 20.3 the switching center must be capable of releasing all the allocated resources if, at any time, either the originating or terminating party closes down the call. An independent protocol analyzer is placed on the link between the two pieces of equipment being tested. This instrument acts as the verifier of correct operation and as the arbiter if an error situation occurs. The HP 37900 can perform this protocol analysis function (in addition to having the ability to perform as a test harness).
d. How many total atoms (copper and zinc) are in a post-1982 penny
The Basic Data Types
Project coordination is also greatly improved with 3D visualization of a model that represents the critical systems of the project. Model views will allow the participants to share one another s concerns in any given area and communicate with one another about their collaborative approach to the resolution of conflicts. Visualization is at the root of the communication necessary to collaborate and coordinate. See Fig. 2.15. Figure 2.15 The lab at CSU Chico, with students participating in a coordination meeting with Turner Construction.
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Property public IComparer<TK> Comparer { get; } public SortedDictionary<TK, TV>.KeyCollection Keys { get; } public SortedDictionary<TK, TV>.ValueCollection Values { get; } Description Obtains the comparer for the invoking dictionary. Obtains a collection of the keys.
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