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As explained in the preceding section, RIPv1 is classful and RIPv2 is classless. However, whenever you configure either version of RIP, the network command assumes classful: You need to enter only the Class A, B, or C network number, not the subnets, as was discussed earlier in this chapter. If you refer back to Figure 19-1, the router s RIPv1 configuration would look like this:
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TABLE A-2 Institute Algonquin College Algoma University College Seneca College of Applied Art and Technology City Ottawa Province Ontario Web Site
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At a high level, the sequence in Figure 15-2 occurs when a user first uses the Password Manager Agent. 1. The Agent executes an algorithm, which results in deriving a 3DES key, called the Automatic Key Recovery encryption key (AKRKey). (The Agent uses the AKRKey in a similar manner as it ordinarily uses the key derived from the user s Security Questions or Password information.) 2. The Agent conceptually breaks the key into two parts. The Agent stores one part of the data in the user s object on the synchronization point. The Agent transmits the second part of the data to the Citrix Password Manager Service. 3. The Citrix Password Manager Service encrypts its portion of the key derivation data and stores the resulting encrypted data in the user s folder or under the user s AD object on the synchronization point.
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Formatting Master/Detail Reports
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The spear design seeks to damage its opponent by firing a long thin rod, piercing the target s armor and impaling some sensitive internal component. Usually, a spear weapon is pneumatically powered, although other methods have been attempted.
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<bitset> <deque> <list> <map> <map> <set> <queue> <queue> <set> <stack> <vector>
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class Derived2 : Base { // Override Who() again in another derived class. public override void Who() { Console.WriteLine("Who() in Derived2"); } } class OverrideDemo { static void Main() { Base baseOb = new Base(); Derived1 dOb1 = new Derived1(); Derived2 dOb2 = new Derived2(); Base baseRef; // a base class reference baseRef = baseOb; baseRef.Who(); baseRef = dOb1; baseRef.Who(); baseRef = dOb2; baseRef.Who(); } }
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ACLs support sequence numbers that allow you to delete an existing
Since object-oriented programming was fundamental to the development of C++, it is important to define precisely what object-oriented programming is. Object-oriented programming has taken the best ideas of structured programming and has combined them with several powerful concepts that allow you to organize your programs more effectively. In general, when programming in an object-oriented fashion, you decompose a problem into its constituent parts. Each component becomes a self-contained object that contains its own instructions and data related to that object. Through this process, complexity is reduced and you can manage larger programs. All object-oriented programming languages have three things in common: encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance. Although we will examine these concepts in detail later in this book, let s take a brief look at them now.
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