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Velocity of output motion
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When two inductors are in proximity, the fact that the magnetic eld lines extend out into space around the wires means that some ux from each wire will link the other wire. That is, a current owing in one inductor will generate magnetic ux that links the other inductor and induce a current to ow through it. One way to bring two inductors into proximity is to wind two wires around the same iron core. Let two inductors be identi ed by inductances L 1 and L 2 and be brought into proximity as shown in Fig. 6-11. Each inductor has two types of ux, leakage ux and mutual ux. For inductor 1, we denote these by l1 and m1 , respectively, and similarly for the second inductor. We can measure how tightly the inductors are coupled by using the
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4. Drag the symbol representing Light Source 1 to a different position on the 3D grid;
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MemberInfo[ ] GetMembers( ) MethodInfo[ ] GetMethods( ) PropertyInfo[ ] GetProperties( )
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Tracking Retail Sales
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Reporting and Analysis
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tion needs allow users to have their needs exactly met. The advancement of software development tools has reduced the time to develop such solutions while increasing the power and flexibility of the application. However, changes will require software engineering support.
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As this program demonstrates, when using this approach you must check the pointer returned by new after each allocation request.
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Implementing Web Proxying
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First, from the user s viewpoint it seems nonsensical that Web Intelligence will prompt for information that the user has already included in the conditions. Second, users will only ever be able to retrieve balances for one day at a time, whereas it is a valid business question for them to review daily balances over a period of time. In this respect, it is important in training and object descriptions to emphasize how these objects work and when to use them. As you build interactive objects, follow these guidelines: Use interactive objects only when the absence of a prompt could lead to inaccurate information or unacceptable query response times. If the prompts are for user friendliness or automation, have two objects, one without a prompt for unrestricted information and one with the prompt. Differentiate between these two objects with clear names for example, Balance and Balance-Date Required. Provide usage information in the object description or in training.
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After publishing the report to the server, the developer returns to the dashboard and drags the report from the Available Items into one of the zones. Once again, the Member UniqueName is dragged from the filter and dropped into the Drop fields here area of the report. The Edit Filter Link dialog appears. This time, however, when the developer drops down the Dashboard item endpoint list, the items that appear are the dimensions specifically added to the background, series, or bottom axis, meaning that the name of the parameter added will not show up. In this case, the developer would choose Product Categories. After clicking the OK button, the report is now tied to the parameter. In this case, a filter, a report, and a scorecard have all been added to a dashboard, and the filter has been connected to the report and the scorecard. The process is basically the same for the scorecard and report, but the scorecard did not need any special steps. In contrast, the report may have its query modified so that the WHERE clause contains the name of a parameter created for that report, although this step is not necessary. Given that this step is optional and entails extra work, the primary reason for doing it is to make the MDX clear to anyone viewing it in the future that it is specifically designed to accept a filter when on a dashboard.
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