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Assuming that a nullable object contains a value, you can obtain its value by using the Value read-only property defined by Nullable<T>, which is shown here: T Value It returns the value of the nullable instance on which it is called. If you try to obtain a value from a variable that is null, a System.InvalidOperationException will be thrown. It is also possible to obtain the value of a nullable instance by casting it into its underlying type. The following program puts together the pieces and demonstrates the basic mechanism that handles a nullable type:
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Compatibility is a new concept for the table operators as compared to the traditional set operators. With the table operators, both tables must be union compatible because all columns are compared. Union compatibility means that each table must have the same number of columns and each corresponding column must have a compatible data type. Union compatibility can be confusing because it involves positional correspondence of the columns. That is, the first columns of the two tables must have compatible data types, the second columns must have compatible data types, and so on. To depict the union, intersection, and difference operators, let us apply them to the Studentl and Student2 tables (Tables 3.21 and 3.22). These tables are union compati ble because they have identical columns listed in the same order. The results of union,
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Solving for the frequency and taking the positive square root (frequencies are positive) we nd = RB LC(R A + R B )
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A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
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Use these options to control where and when backup files are created.
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Do-It-Yourself Projects
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1. Run Autorun from the Presentation Server CD. 2. Select Product installations and updates. 3. Select Install management consoles. 4. Accept the license agreement and click Next|Next to select Presentation Server Console. 5. Follow the dialog boxes to finish the installation of the Presentation Server Console. NOTE If the Sun JRE 1_5_0_02 is installed prior to installing the Presentation Server 4.0 Console, logins to the console may fail. When JRE 1.5 is already present, the JRE 1.4.2_06 installer doesn t add a registry key that is needed by the console. This is resolved by manually adding one key and one value to the registry:
802.11x, EAP, and RADIUS are protocols that define how to perform user
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3. Choose the properties O which you want to base your new collection of styles by
Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
Anonymous methods are especially useful when working with events because an anonymous method can serve as an event handler. This eliminates the need to declare a separate method, which can significantly streamline event-handling code. Here is an example that uses an anonymous event handler:
Performs multiple universe integrity checks.
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