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It is sometimes useful to stop a thread prior to its normal conclusion, even when the new cancellation subsystem is used. For example, a debugger may need to stop a thread that has run wild. Once a thread has been terminated, it is removed from the system and cannot be restarted. To terminate a thread prior to its normal conclusion, use Thread.Abort( ). Its simplest form is shown here: public void Abort( ) Abort( ) causes a ThreadAbortException to be thrown to the thread on which Abort( ) is called. This exception causes the thread to terminate. This exception can also be caught by your code (but is automatically rethrown in order to stop the thread). Abort( ) may not always be able to stop a thread immediately, so if it is important that a thread be stopped before your program continues, you will need to follow a call to Abort( ) with a call to Join( ). Also, in rare cases, it is possible that Abort( ) won t be able to stop a thread. One way this could happen is if a finally block goes into an infinite loop. The following example shows how to stop a thread by use of Abort( ):
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Path costs are calculated from the root switch. A path cost is basically the accumulated port costs from the root switch to other switches in the topology. When the root advertises BPDUs out its interfaces, the default path cost value in the BPDU frame is 0. When a connected switch receives this BPDU, it increments the path cost by the cost of its local incoming port. If the port was a Fast Ethernet port, then the path cost would be figured like this: 0 (the root s path cost) + 19 (the switch s port cost) = 19. This switch, when it advertises BPDUs to switches behind it, will include the Remember that path costs updated path cost. As the BPDUs propagate are incremented as a BPDU comes into a further and further from the root switch, the port, not when a BPDU is advertised out accumulated path cost values become higher of a port. and higher.
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Two Ways to Write a Form-Based Windows Application
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Optical Network Control
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The Streaming Profiler
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Download at Boykma.Com
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Disaster Recovery Planning and Configuration
Even though we are all players in the symphony of life, inseparable from one another in the universe, each of us can reach our destination, or our True North, only by listening to the music of our own instrument, our own inner voice, and that means that we all take a separate path on life s journey. You will never discover your True North if you don t exercise your character muscles of individuality and radical uniqueness. And that means trusting and placing your faith in that small, still voice within. In the words of Buddhist nun Ane Pema Chodron, Faith will take you as far as you can go, and you ll understand all the teachings anyone has ever taught.
NOTE General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) Tunneling Protocol (GTP) is not discussed in this book because it is used in very few networks: GTP is used to bridge cellular data networks and traditional networks, and thus is typically found only in carrier networks. The appliances support GTP inspection; however, GTP requires a special license. RADIUS accounting inspection is also not discussed, since this feature goes hand-in-hand with GTP to prevent overbilling attacks against carrier customers.
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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Gartner Group reported that the staffing required to support a fat-client environment is five times greater than the staffing required to support a thin-client environment. An on-demand enterprise utilizing Citrix can eliminate the need for remote office IT personnel, or even for entire regional IT departments. It is the job of the feasibility committee to
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decryption The process of transforming ciphertext into plaintext so that a recipient can read it. default gateway A station on a network (usually a router) that is used to forward messages to stations on distant networks. default password A password associated with a user account or system account that retains its factory default setting.
Auditing Implementation
Appendix A: Conducting a Professional Audit
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