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27In each case a weighted scaling function generally is used. For example, when going from 4 to 3 pixels, 3/4
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18: Security Device Manager
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Here s the output produced by the program. Notice how the exception handler for InvalidOperationException manages a stack underflow.
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Network management systems
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In this exercise, you will create a basic configuration on the 2950 switches using Boson s NetSim simulator on the CD-ROM switch. If you have closed the simulator since the last lab, the simulator will automatically load 11 s completed configuration. 1. Start up the simulator. Click the LabNavigator button. Double-click Exercise 12-1 and click the Load Lab button. 2. At the top of the application in the menu bar, click the eSwitches icon and choose 2950-1. You can find a picture of the network diagram for the simulator in the Introduction to this book. 3. Go to Configuration mode on your 2950-1 switch. Assign an IP address of to the 2960 in VLAN 1, with a default gateway of 4. Access User EXEC mode. Type enable to go to Privilege EXEC mode and then type configure terminal to access Configuration mode. Your prompt should look like this: Switch(config)#. 5. Enter the VLAN interface with interface vlan1. 6. Enter the addressing information: ip address Enable the interface: no shutdown. 7. Exit the interface with the exit command and configure the default gateway: ip default-gateway 8. Save your configuration to NVRAM and view the configuration in NVRAM. Test connectivity by pinging the Host-1 and Host-2 PCs. Return to Privilege EXEC mode with the end command. 9. Save the configuration with copy running-config startupconfig and view it with show startup-config. 10. Test connectivity to Host-1: ping The ping should be successful. 11. Test connectivity to Host-2: ping The ping should be successful.
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Two-way radio as a concept is simple: wireless communication between two or more points. However, because radio waves follow a line-of-sight path, your required coverage area may require a radio service provider to satisfy the need and the demand for coverage areas greater than a local private system can meet. A two-way radio system generally consists of three types of units: a base station at a central dispatching location, mobile stations used in vehicles, and hand-held portables utilizing battery power. In today s business, conventional radio typically will not provide the wide-area communications that most businesses require. The cost for a business to construct its own radio system consisting of multiple tower sites can be too expensive. That s why a Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) system provider is used. Customers pay a small monthly fee to use the service, similar to cellular service. The difference is you only pay a flat monthly fee, which allows for unlimited communication without high monthly cellular bills! There s no per minute charge!
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These five planes are (from back to front) the background plane, the primary video plane, the secondary video plane, the presentation graphics plane, and an interactive graphics (IG) plane. The presentation plane is used for subtitles and graphics. However, there are subtle differences between HDMV and BD-J modes in the way these planes are used. For instance, the background plane can only be used in BD-J. And the IG plane will be populated by different applications either HDMV interactive graphics, or BD-J graphics, both with their own limitations. It is important to understand this plane model or the final presentation of the disc may not turn out as expected. As an example, if the background plane is supposed to be used to display a graphic, the video planes cannot be rendered in full screen HD resolution, as they would fully cover the background. Hence, in order to use the background plane, the primary video needs to be scaled to a smaller image size. Also, in the event where both primary and secondary video are displayed, the BD specification requires one of the video planes to be full-screen HD resolution. As a result, to display the background plane only the primary video can be used. And, since it is not possible to switch the order of planes, whenever the secondary video is scaled up to full HD resolution, it will fully cover the primary video plane. Thus, applications where the secondary video plays in full-screen with the primary video in a PIP window are not possible. Similarly, with the interactive graphics plane sitting on top of the subtitle plane, this means that graphics displayed in the subtitle plane may be covered by other on-screen graphics in the IG plane. Bottomline, during the design of a Blu-ray Disc, the position of the various planes should be carefully considered to ensure the final presentation turns out as expected.
Security Issues and Guidelines
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EXERCISE 7-2 Determining Network, Directed Broadcast, and Host Components
For applications that don t use FTP, HTTP, or HTTPS (commonly referred to as non-web applications), you can still give the user access to these applications. You have two basic options: if the user is using only a web browser for WebVPN, then you can use the thin client feature for accessing non-web applications; otherwise the user must use the network client (AnyConnect), discussed in 20. This chapter will focus on the former option. The thin client feature supports three solutions for non-web applications: port forwarding, plug-ins, and/or smart tunnels. As you will see in the following sections, each has advantages and disadvantages, and you can pick and choose which ones you want to use based on your particular situation and needs.
2. Choose a slow shutter speed of 1/15 of
The appliance generates log messages to document such events as denied TCP connections, translation slot depletion in the xlate table, console logins, and bytes transferred for each connection in the conn table. The appliances can log to the following destinations: the console, an internal buffer, an SNMP management station via SNMP traps, e-mail messages, and an external syslog server. The default is to log information to the console; however, Cisco highly recommends in a production network that you either log to the internal buffer of the appliance or to an external syslog server.
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