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2. Since B1 has returned a positive number, the sign after K (1.1) in the equation below will be negative. 3. Complete for MAG: MAG 10 log |2.5| |0.139| 10 log (|1.1 1.12 12.56 1|) 10.63dB
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MVD definition the multivalued depen dency (MVD) A -> -> B | C (read A multidetermines B or C) means that A given A value is associated with a collection of B and C values, and B and C are indepen dent given the rela tionships between A and B and A and C.
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Software manufacturers are increasingly writing web-based interfaces to their applications. The reality, though, is that it is still difficult to create a rich interface in a web application. Most users prefer the dynamic and robust Windows interface to the static web server HTML interface. Additionally, a browser requires a deceptively fat client in order to accommodate complex Java scripts and browser plug-ins. The browser, in fact, becomes an application that must itself be managed along with various plug-ins. This is complicated further by the use of embedded objects and client-side scripting as well as by applications that call other helper applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. They may require specific versions of these helper applications in order to operate properly. If the client-side browser is used to access business-critical information and applications, then security of the browser also becomes a concern. IT needs to develop methodologies for installing the numerous IE security updates and for locking down the browser and ActiveX controls. When certain organizations are pressed as to why they would prefer web-based applications, the reasoning is typically to lower total cost of ownership, to centralize application deployment, to simplify and enable cross-platform application access, to enable faster application deployment times, and to lower maintenance at the desktop. But Terminal Server and Citrix XenApp provide all those benefits today with legacy Windows applications, thereby avoiding the huge expense and time involved in rewriting them for the Web. Citrix provides the NetScaler product to deliver and accelerate web applications when they are used. Additionally, when web applications are utilized, it still typically makes sense from an administrative perspective to deploy them securely via Citrix Access Gateway, with the browser hosted on the XenApp farms. Because a web application generally utilizes some combination of HTML/XML, client-side scripting, serverside scripting, and embedded controls to send data to the client device, deploying it via XenApp can help alleviate bandwidth concerns. It is not uncommon for organizations
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The Audio Origins of CD-ROM
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Will there Be Another Crash How Safe Is this Business , A Few Final Words, 241
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FIGURE 12.19. Example comparison of contact force between harmonic cam and cycloidal cam.
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