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must flow through this field winding as through the motor armature itself, it is wound with a few turns of heavy gauge wire. As equation (5) showed, Torque 5 K 3 f 3 Ia, and the current in the series field is Ia. Ia can be substituted for f and the series motor torque equation can be written as Torque 5 K' 3 Ia2 This shows that in a series motor, torque varies with the square of the current a fact substantiated by Figure 6-3 s actual torque versus armature current graph. The graph is actually a little misleading because at startup there is no counter electromotive force (EMF) to impede the flow of current in the armature of a series motor, and startup torque can be enormous; with no current limiting, you can start up at torque values far to the right of the full load line for a series motor. In actual use, the armature reaction and magnetic saturation of the series motor at high currents sets upper limits on both torque and current, although you might prefer to limit your circuit and components to far lower values. High starting torque makes series motors highly desirable for traction applications.
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Electric Vehicle Industry Closes Ranks to Show Support
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Before we can proceed further, we need to mathematically de ne a vibration criterion. The quality of the dynamic behavior of any system is re ected by its displacement relative to its static equilibrium position. We de ne the relative vibration as r= In terms of r, Eq. (13.2) becomes
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Compressing the Information on VoFR
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Token-Ring IEEE 802.5 4, 16, 20 Mbps ring ring, star data baseband coax, UTP, STP token-passing
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parts that constitute a workbook file. The worksheets constitute the first part.
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wavelength of the frequency of interest (f) , mils, in a true vacuum speed of light value to obtain a VAC in mils while using an f in GHz frequency of the signal of interest, GHz
At the time, the big challenge was to minimize the number of collisions that occurred when several computers interconnected over a shared coaxial cable tried to communicate with each other. The CSMA/CD algorithm mitigated this problem significantly. Briefly, using the CSMA/CD approach, when a computer on a LAN wants to transmit, it listens to the cable (i.e., senses the cable); if the cable is busy, the computer waits until it goes idle; otherwise, it transmits immediately. If other computers on the cable simultaneously begin transmission as well (since they all sensed the cable was idle), collisions will occur. When a computer detects a collision, it stops transmission immediately for a random amount of time, after which it starts the process of listening to the cable again. The amount of time that a computer waits before listening again is determined by a binary exponential backoff algorithm, which dynamically adjusts the random interval before which a computer can attempt to retransmit. When two colliding computers back off using this algorithm, the chance of their respective transmissions colliding yet again when they both attempt to retransmit is negligible.20 If a collision reoccurs, however, then a new backoff time is computed before a retransmission attempt is scheduled, so the possibility of colliding on this second retransmission is reduced exponentially again. Thus, either the transmission is successful or a new backoff interval is computed before a retransmit attempt. With each collision and back off, the chance of a subsequent collision is reduced. In this fashion, the CSMA/CD reduces collisions and improves transmission efficiency quite dramatically an 80 percent improvement when compared to the prevailing solutions.
Qualitative analysis considers the nature of the issues, often irrespective of the quantities associated with it. The list of such processes is primarily visual in nature.
Use the User Word Lists dialog to set options for new lists.
This example configures static routes. Here s the configuration for RouterB:
7. If you have recorded and saved a macro in this file or any other VBA project, you
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