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Parity errors. Parity errors are detected by computing odd or even parity for blocks of data and then comparing the transmitted parity bits with the recalculated parity at the receiving end. Any discrepancy indicates one or more errors in the data block. There is a slight chance that the errors will occur in the parity bits themselves rather than in the payload bits; for reasonable block lengths, however, this effect can be neglected. A bigger problem with simple parity schemes is that they can be fooled by multiple errors in a block that cancel the parity error detection at the receiving end. Parity error detection is reliable for lower error rates (e.g., less than 10 4). Parity checking is used in the North American DS3 standard (44.736 Mbps), in some transmission line codes in optical and radio systems, and in the SONET/SDH standards where the BIP-8 parity check meets the G.826 requirement of detecting more than 90 percent of errored blocks. Cyclic redundancy checksum (CRC). Cyclic redundancy checksum is computed on blocks of data including payload bits and a CRC remainder sent to the receive end for comparison with the recalculated remainder. A discrepancy indicates one or more errors have occurred in the data block. CRC checking has become standard for G.704 framed primary rate signals at 1.544 Mbps (DS1) and 2.048 Mbps (E1). In North America the earlier non-CRC standard is referred to as D4 framing and uses a 12-frame multiframe for establishing frame alignment. The later CRC-6 frame incorporating the error detection is referred to as Extended Superframe (ESF) and uses a 24-frame multiframe (4632 bits) for establishing frame alignment. The international E1 frame structure at 2 Mbps retains the 16-frame multiframe but divides it into two sub-multiframes of 8 frames (2048 bits) for calculating a CRC4 remainder that is transmitted in the unused bit one position of the TS0 frame alignment word as shown in Figure 26.17. Another facet is the ability to transmit remote error detection back to the sending end. When an errored block is detected at the receiving end, the E bit is set in the return path. This is termed a Far End Block Error (FEBE) or Remote End Block Error (REBE). By checking CRC-4, E bits (FEBE), and A bits (Alarms), an indication of both go and return paths is possible as shown in Figure 26.18. CRC error detection is reliable, with around 94 percent of errored blocks being detected by CRC-4 and 98.5 percent with CRC-6, thus meeting the requirements of G.826. CRC error detection also is used in the new generation of ATM cell transmission standards.
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// Determine smallest single-digit factor. using System; class Ladder { static void Main() { int num; for(num = 2; num < 12; num++) { if((num % 2) == 0) Console.WriteLine("Smallest factor of " + num else if((num % 3) == 0) Console.WriteLine("Smallest factor of " + num else if((num % 5) == 0) Console.WriteLine("Smallest factor of " + num else if((num % 7) == 0) Console.WriteLine("Smallest factor of " + num else Console.WriteLine(num + " is not divisible by } } }
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ENGINE Straightedge against face of pulley Dual Foot 3.15" ID (Model 70) 6.7"
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In this version of the program, the variables sum and count are global statics that are restricted to the second file. Thus, they may be accessed by both r_avg( ) and reset( ), both in the second file. This allows them to be reset so that a second set of numbers can be averaged. However, no functions outside the second file can access those variables. When you run this program, you can reset the average by entering 2. This causes a call to reset( ).You should try this now. You might also try to access either sum or count from the first file. (You will receive an error message.) To review: The name of a local static variable is known only to the function or block of code in which it is declared, and the name of a global static variable is known only to the file in which it resides. In essence, the static modifier allows variables to exist that are known only to the functions that need them, thereby controlling and limiting the possibility of side effects. Variables of type static enable you, the programmer, to hide portions of your program from other portions. This can be a tremendous advantage when you are trying to manage a very large and complex program.
Summar y of DC motor types windings and characteristics.
It is important to understand that a function can be restricted only in what types of exceptions it throws back to the try block that has called it. That is, a try block within a function can throw any type of exception, as long as the exception is caught within that function. The restriction applies only when throwing an exception outside of the function. The following change to Xhandler( ) prevents it from throwing any exceptions:
If you don t specify a specific ACL, all ACLs are shown on the appliance. Here s an example of the use of this command:
The degree measure of this angle is 180 = 30 . 6 Math Note: In this book we always use radian measure for angles. (The reason is that it makes the formulas of calculus turn out to be simpler.) Thus, for example, if we refer to the angle 2 /3 then it should be understood that this is an angle in radian measure. See Fig. 1.29. Likewise, if we refer to the angle 3 it is also understood to be radian measure. We sketch this last angle by noting that 3 is approximately 0.477 of a full rotation 2 refer to Fig. 1.30. You Try It: Sketch the angles 2, 1, , 3 /2, 10 all on the same coordinate gure. Of course use radian measure.
decide to send an E-mail to everyone in the company. Consider these two objectives:
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