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Here are the configuration options for the config.xml file: Configure authentication methods Change session options
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Why You Matter and Why This Program Matters
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Build Your Own Elec tric Vehicle
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Fig. 5.7 Protecting Electronics from Lightning Surges
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Enter some characters. This is a test. You entered: This is a test.
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LAB 11.1
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int sqrs[10][2] = { {1, 1}, {2, 4}, {3, 9}, {4, 16}, {5, 25}, {6, 36}, {7, 49}, {8, 64}, {9, 81}, {10, 100} };
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Part II:
Mid-Band Ethernet s Dynamic Rate Adaptation
Enabling OSPF is a two-step process: 1. Create your OSPF process. 2. Specify the interfaces that are associated with a particular area. The basic configuration of OSPF is similar to that done on a Cisco router:
1. Observing and Inferring What structural shape do aspirin, acetaminophen, and
In addition to features provided directly by vendors of DBMSs, third-party software is also available for many DBMSs. In most cases, third-party software extends the features avail able with the database software. For example, many third-party vendors provide advanced database design tools that extend the database definition and tuning capabilities pro vided by DBMSs. Figure 1.11 shows a database diagram (an entity relationship diagram) created with Visio Professional, a tool for database design. The ERD in Figure 1.11 can be converted into the tables supported by most commercial DBMSs. In some cases, thirdparty software competes directly with the database product. For example, third-party vendors provide application development tools that can be used in place of the ones provided with the database product.
responder agrees to participate in the session, then the response to the initial offer (a SIP INVITE) will include a message body of the same form as the received message body, with an indication as to the acceptance or rejection of each of the offered media types. If we take the example outlined in Figure 5-9 and assume that Collins can support voice coded according to G.726, G.723.1, or G.728 and we assume that Boss can only support voice coded according to G.728, then the messages would appear as shown in Figure 5-15. For avoidance of clutter, a number of header fields (such as Via:) have been omitted, as has the 180 (Ringing) response. These would be included according to Figure 5-9. In Figure 5-15, the message body of the INVITE lists the individual media formats separately, port numbers at which Daniel wants to receive each of the formats, and an rtpmap attribute exists for each media format. The message body of the 200 (OK) response also lists the media formats individually in the same order as received in the INVITE. In this example, Boss can support only G.728 and is rejecting the other two media formats. This rejection is indicated by specifying port number zero for each rejected media format. The fact that Boss is willing to accept G.728 is indicated by the fact that the associated port number (6666 in our example) is nonzero. The 6666 port number is the port at which Boss is willing to receive the G.728 RTP media stream. Since both parties can support the same media format, and each knows the port number at which the other party wishes to receive the media, media exchange (conversation) can take place. In Figure 5-15, each of the offered media formats was listed in a separate line with a separate port number associated with each format. If Daniel wants to receive only one of the offered media formats and to reserve just a single number (port number 4444, for example), then the media part of the offer could be as follows:
Fuel-Efficient Vehicles
Heart Center Challenge: Explore the Learner s Defense Mechanism
Tables 8.3 through 8.5 show example budgets of low, medium, and high AC-power use. The low daily budget in Table 8.3 represents a traditional weekend cruiser with alcohol- or propane-fueled cooking, mechanical or 12-volt refrigeration, but 120volt-AC entertainment.
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