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Consistency rule 9 (redundant foreign key rule) resolution: Normally the problem can be resolved by removing the redundant foreign key. In Figure 5.25, should be removed as an attribute o f Offering. renamed instead o f removed. CourseNo In s o m e cases, the attribute may not
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n this chapter, we discuss the importance of building and running an application delivery and virtualization infrastructure in a secure, reliable data center facility. The need for this approach may be obvious to IT personnel with a background in host systems, but we will define the data center in the context of building a delivery platform. This centralized computing model often entails a new paradigm for network administrators whose IT experience is limited to running distributed networks based on traditional PC technology. The data center plays a far more important role with enterprise application delivery than it does in a distributed network environment, especially in a business world of zero acceptable downtime and the expectation of anytime, anywhere business continuity. The components of Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition, in conjunction with Citrix NetScaler, Access Gateway, XenDesktop, and XenServer, were all designed not only to support, but to sponsor zero downtime and business continuity. However, regardless of the components, if the data center is not purposefully architected and managed, the entire solution will fail. This chapter discusses several key considerations including the environment, network, and deployment for the data center architecture. 8 will carry the concepts of this chapter forward, detailing a redundant data center solution that solves the business-continuity and disaster-recovery concerns of all businesses today.
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1. Use of lightweight aggregate concrete Seismic forces are directly proportional to the mass of the superstructure, i.e., reinforced deck slab, parapet, sidewalk, and median barrier. It is recommended to reduce unit weight of concrete by using lightweight aggregate concrete. It is possible to reduce density from 150 pcf to approximately 110 pcf by using commercially produced lightweight aggregates. Seismic forces and moments will be proportionately reduced by 30 percent. Loads on foundations will be reduced and lighter bridges have a better chance of withstanding earthquakes. 2. Use of ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) In the U.S., there has been a trend in the last decade to use high strength concrete (HSC) and HPC in bridges. It has resulted in lighter prestressed concrete girders and in some cases in thinner decks reducing concrete mass by over 10 percent. Optimization of member sizes tends to reduce seismic forces and moments proportionately. Also, an increase in concrete strength has resulted in reducing the cross sectional area of reinforcement steel. Steel cost has risen considerably recently compared to the cost of concrete. For economic design it is desirable to use even higher strengths of concrete such as ultra high strength concrete for deck slabs. Drawbacks found in normal strength concrete such as micro-cracking can be avoided. Ultra high strength concrete can be manufactured by: Optimization of grain size distribution Use of pozzolans such as slag, silica fumes, and y ash for a dense cement-sand matrix and partial replacement of cement in mix design. High silica content increases the rate of hydration of cement and high early strength can be achieved at early ages. Use of superplasticizers such as melamine formaldehyde condensates, resins, and third generation superplasticizers such as carbonate chains surrounding cement grains help reduce the water:cement ratio. Use of ber reinforced polymer (FRP) concrete to reduce micro-cracking in decks, columns, and walls. 3. Seismic design aspects are dependent upon local geology and seismicity of the area. In the site selection for a bridge or highway, care shall be taken to avoid locating bridges in a fault zone. 4. For the structural engineer, familiarity with seismic terminology and conventional dynamic analysis is necessary. For important bridge structures located in zone 2, use of time history or response spectrum analysis shall be considered. In addition, the latest methods of performance-based seismic engineering (PBSE) shall be applied. Pushover analysis and capacity spectrum design (CSD) methods are studied. Emphasis is rightly placed on pushover analysis, ductility, use of new soil site factors, liquefaction effects, and loss of bearing capacity during a seismic event. 5. Awareness of the natural disaster mitigation process and familiarity with shake table tests, to determine structural behavior of a complex bridge, is desirable. 6. AASHTO LRFD code does not cover all aspects of seismic design. A separate seismic code is required as a companion to AASHTO LRFD code. NCHRP 12-49 is an important step. 7. State codes should be updated to re ect the latest developments based on NCHRP 12-49. They should deal with local seismicity and offer a simpli ed explanation of complex aspects. 8. Use of isolation bearings: Both tall buildings and bridges need to be retro tted with seismic isolation (pendulum) bearings to increase seismic resistance capacity. Moments on footings are reduced considerably. A non-isolated bridge would sustain structural damage during a safety level design earthquake event.
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It is clear from the previous descriptions that VoIP can offer cost savings, new services, and a new way of doing business, both for carriers and network operators. It is also clear that voice is an important service, but not the only one. Rather, it is part of a suite of services that, when packaged together, can offer exciting new capabilities. All of this translates into serious revenue opportunities. Although the business is currently only in its infancy and much of the revenue is yet to be seen, the future is certainly bright. Figure 1-6 gives one projection of the market for Voice over Packet.
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Although most Threes can sense that they have feelings, they may not know exactly what these are or how deeply they are feeling them. When Threes have emotions they prefer not to feel, they most often dive into work as a way to avoid them. Anger and frustration are usually easier for Threes to acknowledge than sadness or anxiety, although many Threes have difficulty allowing themselves to feel fully angry with people who are deeply important to them.
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Thus, for angles between 0 and /2, the new definition of sine and cosine using the unit circle is clearly equivalent to the classical definition using adjacent and opposite sides and the hypotenuse. For other angles , the classical
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Table 6.11 Recommended Data Rate Limitations for Camera Angles
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Part II:
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Quantitative analysis involves measuring the amount of something in the project model and often combining it with other information. Most of the list is not visual in nature, but can often be represented in a spreadsheet or database format.
NOTE If you use a hidden share, for example, \\Servername\c$\temp\, users receive a pop-up window asking for the path of ICA32PKG.msi when they launch Program Neighborhood after it has been deployed to the client machines. The client machines must have access to read from the share; otherwise, Windows won t be able to deploy the installation. This is as designed behavior of an Active Directory. 6. Close all management windows and restart the client. 7. Log on to the client machine as MSIuser. 8. Go to Add/Remove Programs and click on Add New Programs. Verify that Citrix Presentation Server Client is included in the list and is ready to be added. Click on Add and verify that the Presentation Server Client is successfully installed. NOTE When using the Published method to make the Presentation Server client MSI package available to users for installation, the user can also initiate installation of the Presentation Server client by opening a file with the .ica extension. Additional Notes The Presentation Server client MSI package can also be made available to users using the assigned deployment method. If you assign a package to users, the Presentation Server client is not installed automatically for the user on login, but only the class IDs, extensions, and shortcuts are installed. When the user double-clicks on a file with an .ica extension or double-clicks on the shortcut, the client is then fully installed for that user. If you answer Yes to the option Would you like to enable and automatically use your local user name and password for MetaFrame sessions from this client , at least one reboot is required following the installation of the client.
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One of the key differentiators of XenApp (and XenDesktop as well) is Citrix s Independent Computing Architecture protocol (ICA). As depicted in Figure 2-2, the Citrix ICA presentation services protocol transports only keystrokes, mouse clicks, and screen updates to the client. The protocol has been demonstrated to operate consistently with 20 kilobits per second of network bandwidth and provide real-time performance with 30 kilobits per second for office automation applications. This enables even the latest 32-bit and 64-bit applications to be operated remotely across low-bandwidth links while delivering performance comparable to local execution on existing PCs, Windows-based terminals, network computers, and a host of evolving business and personal information appliances.
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