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1.6.1 Introduction
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Value Syntax normal | <length> | inherit Initial Value normal Percentages n/a Inherited yes Applies to all elements Media Groups visual
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Let s complicate the process by throwing a gatekeeper into a network scenario. In this situation, the terminals will use the gatekeeper for registration only and will set up any other connections directly between themselves. This process is commonly referred to as Direct mode. I ll use Figure 14-4 as an example. Each terminal will set up a direct UDP connection to the gatekeeper this is the first connection listed in Figure 14-4. The source port of the terminal is a random port above 1023, and the destination port is 1719. When this connection is established, the terminal will then register its information with the gatekeeper. The terminals will use this connection to perform address translation (resolving aliases to IP addresses). In this situation, the source terminal only needs to know the alias of the destination terminal in order to build a connection to it.
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4: Scorecards and Key Performance Indicators
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Table 1-4. AIP-SSM Features
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Table C-6 lists the file and directory structure for the Program Neighborhood Agent. The default base folder locations are %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Citrix %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\ Citrix\PNAgent %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\ Citrix\PNAgent\AppCache %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\ Citrix\PNAgent\ResourceCache
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Following are some disadvantages of NiCad
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Key recovery is used only when the agent is unaware of a user s password change event, such as when an administrator changes the user s primary domain password or if the Self-Service Password Reset feature is used to change the user s primary password. If this event occurs when the central store is down, the agent cannot unencrypt a user s credentials until the central store and service are back online. If the reliability of the central store is in question or no high-availability alternatives are implemented, do not use Automatic Key Recovery. Citrix recommends using Identify Verification and Previous Password or previous Password only as the key recovery methods. Another scenario to be aware of with Automatic Key Recovery is when the central store is down and users change their primary domain password. If the users are required to change their password and the agent is loaded on the machine they are using, the agent continues to work properly and handles the password change because the Automatic Key Recovery service is unnecessary. If a user moves to another machine that may be using a different .mmf file, though, the agent fails to start and cannot access the credentials because the synchronization process fails when the central store is unavailable. This situation is resolved by bringing the central store back online. Selecting a Redundancy Solution Using Active Directory The redundancy solution that should be chosen depends greatly on the business requirements. Table 19-6 illustrates the recommended redundancy solutions based on the business needs for an acceptable restoration time. The times given are specific to XYZ Corp and may not apply to all deployment situations. They are provided as a general guideline for weighing the benefits and costs of each solution.
Startup, Check-out, Check-in, Renewal, and Behavior
The Nature of the Building Information Model What Is a BIM
NOTE The using statement, described in 20, offers a way to automatically close a file when
Many state DOTs, such as Connecticut, Florida, and New York, have used instrumentation in their bridge inspection programs. During the North American Workshop on Instrumentation and Vibration Analysis of Highway Bridges in 1995, researchers and practitioners agreed that instrumentation is a viable tool for bridge inspection. A bridge abutment generally is designed to resist back ll soil pressures; however, for a rigid frame abutment, the thermal deck expansion causes back ll pressures that far exceed the active soil pressures used in design. In addition, bridge skew results in a large horizontal gradient of the back ll pressures, producing local back ll pressures that could exceed the capacity of the abutment walls. 1. Raghavendrachar and Aktan demonstrated that multi-reference impact testing could serve as the main experimental component for comprehensive structural identi cation of large constructed facilities. Demanding standards are required from modal testing designs for accurate experimental measure of exibility, which is the inverse of stiffness (also known as displacement divided by force as a function of frequency). 2. Aktan and Helmicki performed a study in instrumented monitoring of a full-scale bridge. For structures subjected to lateral loads impact testing may not be the appropriate method, forced-excitation modal testing using larger vibrators is desirable. 3. California DOT (Caltrans) has an instrumentation program for bridge inspection. It involves monitoring seismic excitations and foundation systems. Practicing bridge engineers recognized the need to evaluate and formalize the use of structural identi cation and instrumentation.
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Registration After you ve created your app using the Administration Console (found at, the next step is to register the application ID for your application. This is shown in Figure 11-3.
Table 14-2 describes the details of what happens when a package is deployed to Citrix Presentation Servers using Installation Manager. The process of adding a package to the Presentation Server Console has been omitted. For further details about adding packages to the Presentation Server Console, please see the Installation Manager Administrator s Guide.
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Reporting and Analysis
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Given that mechanisms exist to apply higher QoS to certain streams compared to others, the issue arises as to which QoS levels should be applied to which types of traffic. This raises the issue of QoS policies. Although protocols such as RSVP, DiffServ, and MPLS provide the mechanisms to differentiate traffic and allocate resources to specific types of traffic, QoS policies specify how those mechanisms are used. One important implication of QoS is the fact that certain users or types of traffic will receive better service than others. In many cases, the QoS for
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