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Bit Error Rate Measurements and Error Performance Analysis Bit Error Rate Measurements
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(2x + 1) dx = x3 + x2
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Some Important Terms EBIT, or earnings before interest and taxes, is an important number in the income statement because it represents the company s ability to generate operating earnings before interest expense (a cost related to financing decisions, not operating decisions) and taxes (a cost related to running a business in a regulated economy). This is also called operating profit or operating income. EBITDA is earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization of intangibles. EBITDA is useful for comparing companies within and across industries, because it does not include the effects of many of the factors that differentiate companies in different sectors, such as interest (from different financing profiles), depreciation (from different fixed asset bases), amortization (from different holdings of intangibles), and taxes (from different tax treatments). Because depreciation and amortization of intangibles are noncash expenses, EBITDA shows the amount of cash a company can generate from its operations. This is the source of cash for any interest payments, so this is a measure that a company s creditors would examine very closely. Net debt is total debt minus cash and cash equivalents. Cash equivalents are accounts such as short-term investments or marketable securities, which can be easily turned into cash. Net debt represents the net debt load that a company has to bear after using its cash and cash equivalents. Companies with a large cash position relative to their total debt will have a negative net debt.
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How to Get a Job Making Video Games
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Exploring the C# Library
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EXAMPLE 10-1 A load resistor is connected to the circuit shown in Fig. 10-4. What value of load resistance should be used to maximize the power transfer if R1 = 2 , R2 = 3 , R3 = R4 = 6 , the voltage source is Vs = 15 V and the current is , I L = 3 A What power is transferred SOLUTION We already calculated the Thevenin equivalent circuit in Example 3-5. This is shown in Fig. 10-5, where we see that VTH = 1.25 V and RTH = 4.2 . The load resistance that maximizes the power is RTH R L = 4.2 The power delivered is PL =
Ill 15-2
An on-demand access environment typically simplifies Active Directory design and implementation by eliminating the requirement for remote office servers. When PC users access their desktop via Citrix Application Delivery Infrastructure, they see the same interface that they would when running Windows applications locally (assuming they are not viewing their applications published through a browser). When client-side application virtualization is used, the applications run locally with an identical experience to traditional desktops. This means that an organization can essentially upgrade all of their users to the latest version of Windows without upgrading (or in some cases even touching) a single desktop.
David Robertson Hewlett-Packard Ltd., South Queensferry, Scotland
Create Queries by Using the Query Methods
Ethernet UNI and Subscriber Demarcation
As with DVD, Blu-ray disc is limited to the two aspect ratios of 1.33 (4:3) and 1.78 (16:9), even though MPEG-2 allows a third aspect ratio of 2.21. Because of the need for a standard physical shape, displays essentially come in two shapes 4:3 and 16:9. With HDTV, the standard aspect ratio is 16:9 and yet there is all that legacy 4:3 material out there. So, there are black bars on either the top/bottom or the sides of the display depending on the original source aspect. Better yet would be the ability to support any aspect ratio. If the player or TV were able to unsqueeze an anamorphic source of any ratio, it would provide better resolution because pixels would not be wasted on the letterbox mattes. Letterbox mattes may still need to be generated by the player or the display, but high-resolution displays would be able to make the most of every pixel of an anamorphic signal. The obvious disadvantage to this feature is
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