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The Development of Blu-ray Disc
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Configuring Java Filters
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What are complications associated with PCOS
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Granularity of bandwidth and QoS Converged transport
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Data Source: Summary Database Tables: SDB_PROCESS, SDB_METRICS Purpose: Listing processes across servers that take more than a defined average percentage of the CPU. This report displays the average percentage of the server s CPU for the reported time period. Details: The Server Utilization (CPU) report displays the servers in the selection that have the highest average CPU during the reported time period. The number of servers to be displayed is configurable, allowing the server selection to be the entire farm, but only allowing the heaviest used servers to be displayed in the table. A separate table for each server is in the list to show all the processes with high CPU usage during the reported time period. The criterion for high CPU usage is configurable.
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Figure 5-24 SIP service architecture
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NOTE If you do not have more than 512 servers in a zone, increasing this value does not increase the performance of a zone.
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Circuit Analysis Demysti ed
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15.01 15.02 15.03 Routing Introduction Dynamic Routing Protocols Distance Vector Protocol Problems and Solutions
As you can see in Figure 14-1, a redundant design was implemented: two links exist from the access layer switch up to the distribution layer, with multiple layer 2 connections (in most cases an EtherChannel) between the distribution layer switches. This redundancy commonly introduces layer 2 loops into a network design, which can create these layer 2 problems:
Nontechnical Benefits
Format Specifiers
The most popular method of configuring the security appliance, and your initial access to it, is by using the CLI. The CLI is similar to that used by Cisco s IOS-based routers and switches. If you have configured Cisco routers and/or switches before, becoming accustomed to the appliance s CLI and configuring and managing the appliance will be fairly easy. To gain access to the CLI, you can use one of the following access methods: console port, auxiliary port (on certain ASA models), telnet, and secure shell (SSH). For console access, you need to connect one end of Cisco s ribbon serial cable to the console interface of the appliance, and the other end to an RJ-45-to-DB9 terminal adapter that you ll attach to the serial port of your PC. On your PC, you ll need to run a software package like HyperTerm, Putty, TeraTerm, or some other program that performs terminal emulation. In your terminal emulation program, you ll need to use the settings shown in Table 2-1 for access to the security appliance s console port. You can also access the CLI of the security appliance via telnet and SSH. For security reasons, Cisco denies both of these types of remote access you must perform some configuration tasks to allow these access methods. Of these two methods, SSH is more secure because SSH encrypts information between your PC and the appliance. I will discuss the configurations of these two modes of access to the appliance in the next chapter.
Access Control
Desktop and mobile thin clients are solid-state devices that connect over a network to a centralized server where all processing and storage takes place, providing reduced maintenance costs and minimal application updates, as well as higher levels of security and energy efficiency. In fact, thin clients can be up to 80 percent more power-efficient than traditional desktop PCs with similar capabilities.
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