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As you reread your draft, think about the actual words you use. Aim to select words that satisfy the principle of FURY. You ll recall that the principle of FURY recommends that you choose words that are familiar to your readers, unless the word in question is a unique term (such as industry jargon), rich, or your favorite.
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The SDES packet provides identification and other information regarding session participants. The SDES packet must exist in every RTCP compound packet. The general format of the SDES packet is shown in Figure 2-19. The SDES packet is comprised of two main parts: a header and some chunks of information. The header contains a length field, a payload type value field with a value of 202, and a source count (SC) field. The SC field occupies five bits and indicates the number of chunks in the packet. Each chunk contains an SSRC or CSRC value, followed by one or more identifiers and pieces of information that are applicable to that SSRC or CSRC. These pieces of information are known as SDES items and include such items as an e-mail address, phone number, and name (e.g., Jane Doe), among others. All of these SDES items and their structures are defined in RFC 1889. Of the possible SDES items, only one is mandatory the canonical name (CNAME). The CNAME is meant to be a unique identifier for a session participant and does not change within a given session. Normally, the SSRC value does not change either. It is possible, however, for a given participant s SSRC value to change during a session we find that two participants have chosen the same value of SSRC or if a host resets during a session. In order to ensure that the CNAME is unique, it should have the form user@host,
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At this point, you should have enough information to get started in the exciting world of robotic sumo. As you gain more experience competing in sumo tournaments, you ll learn how to improve the designs of your bots, and help your competitors improve their designs, as well. Caution: robot sumo can be addictive!
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Let s observe the discharge cycle first, to contrast what is happening to the parameters with what goes on during charging. Capacity, cell voltage, and specific gravity all decrease with time as you discharge a battery. Figure 9-2 shows how these key parameters change (a standard temperature of 78 degrees F is presumed): Ampere-Hours The measure of the battery s capacity and percent state-ofcharge (the area under the line in this case) are shown decreasing linearly versus time from its full charge to its full discharge value. Cell Voltage Cell voltage predictably declines from its nominal 2.1-volt fully charged value to its fully discharged value of 1.75 volts. Specific Gravity Specific gravity decreases linearly (directly with the battery s discharging ampere-hour rate) from its full charge to its full discharge value.
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Inside InternalTest, the field x is declared internal. This means that it is accessible within the program, as its use in InternalDemo shows, but unavailable outside the program.
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Iris recognition uses a near infrared light and is designed to operate with cooperative subjects at close range. Some customized research systems with specialized cameras claim to operate at a significantly longer operational range, 5 10 meters and beyond.4 However, the longer ranged systems are prototypes and their capabilities are not available in commercial products. Commercial iris scanning works at a focal distance of about 3 to 7 inches. The images are scanned and processed as grayscale values (not color). As shown in Figure 5-1, the image is segmented to locate and isolate the iris. Size and contrast corrections are performed on the image to counterbalance naturally occurring contractions and expansions. The result is a size-invariant representation. As described by Dr. Daugman in 1998 in How Iris Recognition Works the key image operations and computation time as executed on a 300 MHz Sun workstation are reproduced in Table 5-1. (For more information, go to http://
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Formatting Enumerations
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more wires. The wires handle both the signals from the control panel and power. The shielding is a protective layer that prevents interference from affecting the signal. Figure 5-2 shows a close-up of the cabling and Figure 5-3 shows a 500-foot spool of the security cabling we used for our security system, obtained from a local home improvement store for about US$35.
ATM and Frame Relay Compared
Figure 16-2 shows a printout with the Full Description checked for Objects. With the Full Description box checked, you see the SQL statement, security settings (Public=0 to Private=4), whether the object can be used as a condition or result, and the default format.
To Bond or Not to Bond
11 12 1 Hour of Day
Here, result is assigned the outcome of the division of 100 by i. However, this division takes place only if i is not 0. When i is 0, a placeholder value of 0 is assigned to result. You don t actually have to assign the value produced by the to some variable. For example, you could use the value as an argument in a call to a method. Or, if the expressions are all of type bool, the can be used as the conditional expression in a loop or if statement. For example, the following program displays the results of dividing 100 by only even, nonzero values:
To define the WCCP server group (the web cache servers), use the following command:
13: Legal Considerations of Government Use of Biometrics
Powerlinc USB X10 controller Decora Dimmer Switch 220 Heavy Duty X10 Appliance Module Leviton DHC X10 Motion Detector Wireless X10 Motion Sensor RF Base Receiver Computer Dog Mate Electromagnetic Door Hal 2000 OmniPro II Controller HAI Web-Link II Software OmniStat Single Stage Thermostat Twin PIR Motion Sensors Magnetic Contact Switch Multiroom video distribution system with modulators RG-6/U Quad Shield Coaxial Cable (1000 feet) Powermid Remote Extender Motorized Drape Controller NuVo Simplese Audio Distribution System Speaker wire (500 feet) Total Table 3-3
ments, and a student membership is only $35. If there s a local chapter, attend its meetings; you ll make a lot of great contacts, and even if they re not hiring, they can answer questions about the industry. Go to the Game Developers Conference, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), or if you re in Britain, the GDC-Europe and the European Computer Trade Show (ECTS). I discuss these and other events in more detail in Appendix C.
FIGURE 10-14
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