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For all the promise of optical storage, and despite the fact that 20x, 24x, and even 32x CD-ROM drives have appeared on the market, you are still dealing with a storage device that must work vigorously to deliver data fast enough so that your system can play it back smoothly. Playback issues on DVD-ROM are comparable; similarities in the hardware of these devices force developers to consider many of the same issues that affect CD-ROM development.
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Laboratory Equipment
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SharePoint sites are places where teams can participate in discussions, shared document collaboration, and surveys. Site content can be accessed from a web browser and through clients that support web services. Document collaboration controls allow you to check in, check out, and control document versioning. Microsoft Office System programs use SharePoint site content. A site s collaborative content like documents, lists, events, and so forth can be read and edited with Microsoft Office Word. Picture editing is also possible. Microsoft Office Outlook allows SharePoint site event calendars to be viewed side by side with personal calendars. SharePoint also allows managers to customize the content and layout of sites so that site members can access and work with relevant information. Members activity can also be monitored and moderated by managers.
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Multithreaded Programming
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6 T R A N S C E N D E N T A L F U N C T I O N S
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Figure 5.1 Position of 3-axle de ection truck for maximum de ection. data matrix
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Speeds of Various Stages in the Iris Recognition Process
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A country s commitment to protect its rain forests affects (verb) whether ecotourism is viable. A common effect (noun) of a country s commitment to protect its rain forests is the need to identify new sources of revenue.
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Pay and Performance Amounts Sales Volume
Bracketing sounds as if it s as much trouble as exposure compensation. And it would be except that many digital cameras have automatic bracketing. The camera takes care of making the adjustments for the bracketed shots. All you do is press
Figure 28.19 Pulse splitting caused by polarization-mode dispersion. The two
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(iii) ln(1) = 0, we know that ln x is an increasing, concave down function whose graph passes through (1, 0). There are no relative maxima or minima (since the derivative is never 0). Certainly ln 0.9 < 0; the formula ln(0.9n ) = n ln 0.9 therefore tells us that ln x is negative without bound as x 0+ . Since ln x = ln(1/x), we may also conclude that ln x is positive without bound as x + . A sketch of the graph of y = ln x appears in Figure 6.2. We learned in the last paragraph that the function ln x takes negative values, which are arbitrarily large in absolute value when x is small and positive. In particular, the negative y axis is a vertical asymptote. Since ln(1/x) = ln x, we then find that ln x takes arbitrarily large positive values when x is large and positive. Since we have only defined the function ln x when x > 0, the graph is only sketched in Figure 6.2 to the right of the y-axis. However it certainly makes sense to discuss the function ln |x| when x = 0 (Figure 6.3): If x = 0 then 1 d (ln |x|) = . dx x In other words, 1 dx = ln |x| + C. x
The most important feature of a DBMS is the ability to answer queries. A query is a request for data to answer a question. For example, the user may want to know customers having large balances or products with strong sales in a particular region. Nonprocedural access al lows users with limited computing skills to submit queries. The user specifies the parts of a database to retrieve, not implementation details of how retrieval occurs. Implementation details involve coding complex procedures with loops. Nonprocedural languages do not have looping statements (for, while, and so on) because only the parts of a database to retrieve are specified. Nonprocedural access can reduce the number of lines of code by a factor of 100 as com pared to procedural access. Because a large part of business software involves data access, nonprocedural access can provide a dramatic improvement in software productivity. To appreciate the significance of nonprocedural access, consider an analogy to planning a vacation. You specify your destination, travel budget, length of stay, and departure date. These facts indicate the "what" of your trip. To specify the "how" of your trip, you need to indicate many more details such as the best route to your destination, the most desirable hotel, ground transportation, and so on. Your planning process is much easier if you have a professional to help with these additional details. Like a planning professional, a DBMS performs the detailed planning process to answer queries expressed in a nonprocedural language. Most DBMSs provide more than one tool for nonprocedural access. The SELECT state ment of SQL, described in 4, provides a nonprocedural way to access a database. Most DBMSs also provide graphical tools to access databases. Figure 1.7 depicts a graph ical tool available in Microsoft Access. To pose a query to the database, a user only has to indicate the required tables, relationships, and columns. Access is responsible for generat ing the plan to retrieve the requested data. Figure 1.8 shows the result of executing the query in Figure 1.7.
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