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When you begin competing in robot combat matches, you will discover that it is a lot harder to get your robot positioned to deliver the deadly blow than it was when you were at home beating up garbage cans. This is because the garbage cans are not attacking you, there are no screaming crowds to distract you, and there is no 3-minute time limit to win. With all of this excitement happening during a match, when you finally get your robot positioned and the opponent is in the sweet spot for the attack, you could miss an opportunity because it took you too long to flip the attack trigger on your remote control. This sort of predicament is frustrating to the beginning combat warrior. If you look at videos of past combat events, you will notice that missing the opponent is a common problem for many beginning robot combatants. The experienced veterans always seem to hit their mark.
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A third option is based on a multi-service provisioning platform (MSPP). The MSPP is basically a Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) or Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) Add/Drop Multiplexer (ADM) designed to support standard TDM services as well as data services such as Ethernet. The MSPP is connected to the service provider network by optical fiber, which once again limits its deployment. MSPPs are typically deployed with SONET/SDH ring architectures, as shown in Figure 10.10c. New equipment build-outs by service providers will use MSPP devices. However, it is expensive to replace existing SONET/SDH equipment with MSPP devices. If the goal is to provide Ethernet connectivity, and capacity is available in the existing transport infrastructure, an overlay network of MSPPs will be very costly compared to using the existing network to support the service. Each of the Ethernet connectivity solutions described here may be perfectly acceptable, or even ideal, for certain applications and deployments. In order for Ethernet transport to reach its full potential, however, service providers must be able to reach all customers, whether connected by copper or fiber, with the desired bandwidth. Solving this problem is the initial focus of a transport solution using circuit bonding.
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Sales crediting specifies when sales personnel earn credit for a sale. We will examine sales crediting eligibility, timing, and adjustments.
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NOTE This is a subject of broad debate. An auditor should be aware of his or her audit organization s rules and guidelines regarding ethics, independence, and acceptable behavior.
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With a Get request, a manager requests (from an agent) the value of some variable stored in a field of the database that represents a particular MIB. A Get-Next request is used by a manager to request information on multiple variables, efficiently using the network (reducing traffic) to communicate more than one piece of information at a time. If any one variable is unavailable, no values are returned. This command also is used to retrieve unknown database rows (if available). With a Set request, a manager instructs an agent to set a specific MIB variable (one of the fields in the database) to a desired value. A Get response is sent by an agent as a response to a Set request or Get-Next command; its form depends on what was requested. Examples are:
Segregation of Duties Controls
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