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The prototype for signal( ) is in <signal.h>. The signal( ) function tells C++ Builder to execute the function pointed to by sigfunc if signal is received. The value for func must be one of the following macros, defined in <signal.h>, or the address of a function you created:
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Related Functions
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Operators (merge modes)
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The output is shown here:
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Hardware Load Balancer
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The author was project manager for a recent project that included a variety of sign structures such as overhead, cantilever, butter y types, VMS and CMS structures. The variety of foundations included drilled shaft, spread footings, bridge mounted, and retaining wall mounted types. In addition to regular meetings, modern management technology was used. A software known as ProjectSolve was developed. Electronic les for each of the disciplines were uploaded to the ProjectSolve Web site on Fridays. Relevant les were downloaded on Mondays by the concerned receivers. This fast Internet communication reduced the need for countless interdisciplinary meetings and expedited progress on the job. Use of electronic les also reduced recordkeeping of hundreds of les required for each discipline. Some of the procedures were as follows: 1. Drawings preparation: The two types of electronic CAD les were sheet les and multiple reference les. The sheet les were structural plans, while reference les were plans of highways, right-of-ways, utility locations, drainage, geotechnical boring locations, soil information, lighting, ber optics, power supply, etc. 2. A master reference folder was created for the selected reference. Usually structural drawings had 1:10 scales with details shown as in 1 foot. Individual reference les were of 1:30 or smaller scales. Converting each reference le to the scale required on the sheet les required additional work. 3. For uniformity in the presentation of thousands of construction drawings for the entire project, the owner developed standards for CAD, which had a specialized approach to font size, scales, text style, line weight, etc. 4. To access and make use of the reference les, a large number of engineers were required to be trained in ProjectSolve. 5. An Alert option to inform the concerned team members was also used at the time of uploading the le. It was addressed to an individual from whom feedback was required. The alert key sent a message to the project manager as to the status of a certain activity. The PM could then pursue the matter to resolve any outstanding issues. For example, if boring information was not available within 100 feet of the foundation location, the geotechnical engineer would receive an alert. He could then initiate additional borings and provide the soil properties for design. Electronic coordination was quick and decisive. The above management approach was very useful for a large size project and the computer maintained a chronology of events for meeting the required milestones. It helped in quality control, cost control, and in monitoring the progress by meeting individual deadlines on time.
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Once an appropriate browser has been installed, Web-Link II needs a web server on the home computer that will be connected to the Internet. A web server is a computer that provides content to a web browser via the Internet. For instance, when you visit, you use your web browser to connect to Smarthome s web server. The web server is the location of Smarthome s catalog. It is the web server that transmits the information you re searching for; then, your web browser presents and displays it. Depending on which operating system you re using, there is likely a web server available to you. Table 7-1 lists the various flavors of the Windows operating system and which web servers are available. generate barcode 128
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As was the case with generics described in the preceding chapter, the subject of LINQ is quite large, involving many features, options, and alternatives. It is not possible to cover all of its aspects in this beginner s guide. (In fact, a complete description of LINQ requires an entire book of its own!) This chapter explains its theory, core concepts, and basic syntax. It also shows several examples that illustrate LINQ s use. After completing this chapter, you will be able to begin using LINQ in your programs. However, it is a subsystem that you will almost certainly want to explore in greater detail.
Getting Started
If you plan to distribute les to a CD or DVD replicator on media other than a one-off CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, you will need some form of highcapacity data storage device connected to your system with removable media. Tape is popular for this purpose. Digital Linear Tape (DLT) is still the submission medium favored by replicators for DVD data. DLT cartridges have a 40GB native capacity and can handle data transfer rates of 360MB per minute. This is enough to get you through any conceivable DVD replication project. Some CD/DVD recorder applications, such as GEAR Pro DVD, directly support data output to a number of different tape drives. Earlier ninetrack tapes can be used at some replicators, though these are gradually
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Plate buckling due to weak splicing of longitudinal stiffeners construction sequence was not well-thought-out Scaffolding collapsed under weight of fresh concrete construction failure
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