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22: Access Control Lists
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Be carefbl graphing the tangent function, especially this one. This tangent function is zero when x = 4 4 , and 1 when x = 2x/4 . The standard mistake is to take the function to infinity at x = 2n/4 .
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Asymmetry of color and structure (+) Multicomponent global pattern (1,2,3) Irregular pigment network (black boxes) Irregular dots and globules (circles) Irregular streaks (yellow box) Irregular brown pigmentation Bluish-white color (stars)
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Searching for the Code
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ExpenseReport ERNo ERDesc ERSubmitDate ERStatusDate
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such a request. The RFI is generally at least a symptom of inadequate communication that in turn often stems from an incorrect or incomplete understanding on the part of the person who prepared the documents. Communication Difficulties The complexity of construction projects and the involvement of so many individuals can create strenuous demands on the communication between the project team members. Human nature may also be an obstacle to efficient communication. Persons of different character or cultural background often work together. Someone may simply not like someone else, or may have difficulty understanding that person. There may be difficulty for an individual to have a personal concern as regards to another team member s success with his or her tasks. All these conditions are not conducive to a successful and cooperative team effort. Most of design and construction-related communication consists of ideas that have been translated back and forth between the 2D representations and the 3D space. The visualization, understanding, and actualization (construction) take place in 3D space, but most communication takes place through 2D diagrams and text (drawings and specifications). Once an idea has been translated back and forth a few times by different individuals, it is not surprising that it may have become unrecognizable. This process has been accepted only because there has been no better alternative. Computer drafting has not made a change in the essential process the same views and same text are still used as instructions for building complex objects. Competition among Team Members Construction project teams often include individuals who place maximization of their personal gain from the project above the project goals and interests. Most contractual documents in place today are written to protect the interest of the team member who is responsible for writing it. A contractor may count on postbid clarifications to add scope to a project in which he feels the documentation is incomplete; this will entice him to be more aggressive with the original bid, as long as he can count on change orders during the course of construction. It may be difficult for a subcontractor to work efficiently after or around other subcontractors, i.e., given issues of proper cleanup, timely removal of equipment and materials, etc. Damage caused by subcontractors to previously completed work may also pose a problem. In other words, contemporary construction teams often do not behave as one team challenging the project, but as competing teams challenging one another. Risk Shifting Dissatisfaction with traditional contractual forms has led to the development of alternative delivery methods; essentially most of these variations merely represent the shifting of the risk from one team member to another. In the end, however, the owner, usually bears most of the financial burden for the inefficiency and problems of the project. Most contractual relationships have no built-in incentives for collaboration. Construction firms are also hesitant to experiment with methods that tend to benefit the owner when
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Table 27-5.
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PC / laptop MS-DOS Windows 95 based software Spectrum analyzer
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Discrete: Discrete performance/payment periods stand alone for measurement and payment purpose. For example, a sales compensation plan that pays monthly discrete treats each month as a standalone measurement and payment period. No previous or future month s performance will affect the payout for an individual month. Use less than annual discrete measurement periods when sales cycles are short and sales personnel have no flexibility or selfserving motivation to move orders from one period to another.
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In this example, the clocking has already been configured: 64,000 bps (bits per second).
Responding to Change
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Notice that both test1.cs and test2.cs define a namespace called MyNS, and that within that namespace, both files define a class called MyClass. Thus, without an extern alias, no program could have access to both versions of MyClass. The third file, test3.cs, which is shown next, uses MyClass from both test1.cs and test2.cs. It is able to do this because of the extern alias statements.
Outside contour effect
Guide for the Use of Preplaced Aggregate Concrete for Structural and Mass Concrete Applications, (ACI 304.1R- 92), American Concrete Institute, Committee 304, 1992, Farmington Hills, MI. Guide to Curing Concrete, (ACI 308R-01), American Concrete Institute, Committee 308, 2001, Farmington Hills, MI. Guide to Surface Preparation for the Repair of Deteriorated Concrete Resulting from Reinforcing Steel Corrosion, International Concrete Repair Institute, Guideline No. 03730. Guide to Using In-Situ Tensile Pull-Off Test to Evaluate Bond of concrete Surface Materials, International Concrete Repair Institute, Technical Guideline 03739. King, J. and E. Bush, Grouting of Granular Materials, ASCE Convention, 1960. King, J. and A. Wilson, If It s Still Standing, It Can Be Repaired, Concrete Construction, July 1988. Selecting and Specifying Concrete Surface Preparation for Sealers, Coatings, and Membranes, International Concrete Repair Institute, Guideline No. 03732. Standard Test Method for Flow of Grout for Preplaced Aggregate Concrete, American Society for Testing and Materials, C 939, 2002, West Conshohocken, PA. Standard Test Method for the Compressive Strength of Grouts for Preplaced-Aggregate Concrete in the Laboratory, American Society for Testing and Materials, C 942, 1999, West Conshohocken, PA. Standard Practice for Making Test Cylinders and Prisms for Determining Strength and Density of Preplaced-Aggregate Concrete in the Laboratory, American Society for Testing and Materials, C 943, 2002, West Conshohocken, PA. Standard Test Method for Potential Alkali Reactivity of Aggregates (Mortar-Bar Method), American Society for Testing and Materials, C 1260, 2001, West Conshohocken, PA.
SciNet, Inc. of Sunnyvale, California introduced the concept of NetworkAttached Storage solutions for CD and DVD. They offer software only networking packages and complete systems designed for quick installation and ease of use. The CD-Manager 5 package is a server-resident application that provides simultaneous support for Novell NCP and Microsoft/IBM SMB clients. One unique feature of the product is the ability to partition the server hard disk drive into a series of segments, each the size of a single CD. CDROM data is then cached into these segments, where it becomes available at higher hard disk access speeds. SciNet calls this approach TurboDrive technology. Unlike similar systems, the CDs do not have to remain resident in the system the access to the TurboDrive equivalents can take place even after the CDs have been removed. The characteristics of the cached CD data remains inviolate the read-only restriction is retained and the ISO 9660 le system is still employed. SciNet s other claim to fame is the development of their extremely streamlined, plug-and-play approach to connecting CD/DVD storage systems to the network a process that can be completed in just one or two minutes. Termed Network-Attached Storage (NAS), this approach has lowered both the costs and the setup dif culty for networking optical storage equipment. The SciNet CD-Manager 5 is available as a standalone product, with a cost corresponding to the number of supported discs on the network, or bundled with any of the turnkey CD/DVD server units produced by SciNet. SciNet has prepared the equipment with the appliance model in mind just plug it in and turn it on and the equipment becomes immediately available. SciNet, Inc.
Drag the Sharpness slider to the right to increase the amount of sharpening applied to the image; drag to the left to decrease it. Some photographers prefer to apply sharpening in Photoshop Elements, as it provides more control over the process. Drag the Luminance Smoothing slider if your image appears grainy due to digital noise, which usually occurs when an image is shot at a high ISO setting. If you use a high Luminance Smoothing value, you lose image detail. When you apply luminous smoothing, view the image at 100 percent, and then use the Hand tool to pan to an area of the image that contains shadows. This is where noise will be most noticeable. Drag the Color Reduction slider if your image shows signs of color noise. Color noise looks like random speckles of color, and is most noticeable in shadow areas of the image.
The drop-down box lets you choose different strategies
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