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The show ip ospf interface command displays your router s ID, the ID of the DR and BDR, the hello timer (10 seconds), the dead interval (40 seconds), the number of neighbors, and
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bool ReadBoolean( ) byte ReadByte( ) sbyte ReadSByte( ) byte[ ] ReadBytes(int num) char ReadChar( ) char[ ] ReadChars(int num) double ReadDouble( ) float ReadSingle( ) short ReadInt16( ) int ReadInt32( ) long ReadInt64( ) ushort ReadUInt16( ) uint ReadUInt32( ) ulong ReadUInt64( ) string ReadString( )
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Using Pattern Fill Dialog Options
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Function and Operator Overloading
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Becoming a CISA
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// This program is wrong. int main(){ int x, *p; x = 10; *p = x; // where does p point return 0; }
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Query Syntax vs. Query Methods
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Choose the Underline option (selected by default) to display links using underlining. The Normal Link color selector enables you to set the color appearance of text applied with URL or Bookmark links as they appear in your web page document. The Active Link option sets color conditions of the link while your web page user is actively clicking a link. The Visited Link option sets the color of links that have already been visited. Unless the background of your web page is an unusual color, it s best to leave these link colors at their default because you and many visitors are accustomed to these colors; we all tend to subliminally understand what the link colors represent.
Blu-ray Disc Demystified
Printing|Client Printers|Client Printer Mapping
FIGURE 8-1 This sample Oracle sales history universe shows table sizes, key names, and cardinalities, useful information in de ning joins.
strpbrk( ), strstr( ), strtok( ), strrchr( )
Monitoring in PerformancePoint Server
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