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ciscoasa(config)# crypto isakmp enable logical_if_name ciscoasa(config)# crypto isakmp identity {address | hostname | key string | auto } ciscoasa(config)# crypto isakmp policy policy_number ciscoasa(config-isakmp-policy)# authentication {pre-share | rsa-sig | crack} ciscoasa(config-isakmp-policy)# encryption {3des | aes | aes-192 | aes-256 | des} ciscoasa(config-isakmp-policy)# group {1 | 2 | 5 | 7} ciscoasa(config-isakmp-policy)# hash {md5 | sha} ciscoasa(config-isakmp-policy)# lifetime {seconds | none}
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You can also copy and clone Contour effects to other objects, just as with blends as discussed earlier. To perform either operation, the effect you want to copy or clone must be in view on your screen at the same time as the object to which you want to copy or clone the effect. To copy an existing Contour effect to your selected object while using the Interactive Contour Tool, click the Copy Contour button on the Property Bar, and then use the targeting cursor to click an existing Contour effect. You can also use the Eyedropper and Paintbucket tools (discussed earlier). While using the Pick Tool, choose Effects | Copy Effect | Contour From, and use the same targeting operation. To clone a Contour effect to a selected object, use the Pick Tool and choose Effects | Clone Effect | Contour From, and target the existing effect.
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With an infinitive or a gerund, the object pronoun may precede the
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Deme chocolate. Give me some chocolate.
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For the HTTP protocol, the GetResponseStream( ) method of WebResponse can throw a ProtocolViolationException, which, in general, means that some error occurred relative to the specified protocol. As it relates to GetResponseStream( ), it means that no valid response stream is available. An ObjectDisposedException will be thrown if the response has already been disposed. Of course, an IOException could occur while reading the stream, depending on how input is accomplished. c#
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Extended IP ACLs allow you to filter on both the source and destination
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Figure 4-1: Cube soft boxes are ideal for photographing objects for eBay auctions.
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Virtualization is relevant to cloud computing because it is one of the ways in which you will access services on the cloud. That is, the remote datacenter may be delivering your services in a fully virtualized format. In order for full virtualization to be possible, it was necessary for specific hardware combinations to be used. It wasn t until 2005 that the introduction of the AMD-Virtualization (AMD-V) and Intel Virtualization Technology (IVT) extensions made it easier to go fully virtualized. Full virtualization has been successful for several purposes: Sharing a computer system among multiple users Isolating users from each other and from the control program Emulating hardware on another machine
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Network Manager is a component of Presentation Server Enterprise edition and is not available in Presentation Server s Advanced or Standard editions. The following are some known issues with Network Manager. In Tivoli NetView, sometimes the server icon is green, while the subsystem icons are light blue. In this case, highlight the green server icon and perform a Status Update to update the status of the subsystem icons. This is a Tivoli NetView IP Map issue that occurs while running over long periods of time. When using Tivoli NetView, if the Trapd.exe process is killed while the Metadis.exe and Metalan.exe services are running, each service acquires 50% CPU utilization. The services do not return to normal CPU levels until Trapd.exe is restarted. This is a known issue with Tivoli NetView. In HP Network Node Manager, a link-down status is represented by a blue icon. This happens only if the server cannot be contacted by the console when the Status Update is performed. In Tivoli NetView, a link-down status is displayed in red. When Network Manager is uninstalled from one of the SNMP management consoles, by default, the Network Management icons stay in the IP Map until they are deleted and the nodes are rediscovered. The icons can be deleted prior to uninstalling in NetView, by going to properties under the Edit pull-down menu and selecting the application Network Manager, and then clicking the Properties button. These icons can also be deleted in Openview by selecting properties under the Map pull-down menu, clicking the Application tab, selecting Network Manager, and then pressing the Configure for this map button. For Unicenter to be able to reclass Windows servers as Presentation Servers, Security Management (secadmin) must be configured and enabled. Otherwise, a message similar to Security authorization failure. The action has been denied appears in the Unicenter event log (conlog).
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Product manager
As you can see from the preceding section, leased lines have scalability problems. Frame Relay overcomes them by using virtual circuits. With VCs, you can have multiple logical circuits on the same physical connection, as is shown in the bottom part of Figure 26-1. When you use VCs, your router needs only a single serial interface connecting to the carrier. Across this physical interface, you ll use logical VCs to connect to your remote sites. You can use the same formula described in the preceding section to figure out how many VCs you ll need to fully mesh your network. In our 4-router example, you d need 6 VCs. If you had 10 routers, you d need 45 VCs; and if you had 100 routers, you d need 4950 VCs. One of the nice features of Frame Relay is that in all of these situations, you need only one serial interface on each router to handle the VC connections. Given this, you could easily use a smaller router to handle a lot of VC connections.
Clinically and dermoscopically, this is a worrisome lesion that warrants a histopathologic diagnosis. There are no criteria associated with a lentigo (eg, homogeneous, globular, ring-like patterns) or seborrheic keratosis. Fat-fingers with digit-like line segments are not identifiable. There are melanoma-specific criteria that put a dysplastic nevus or melanoma in the differential diagnoses: Asymmetry of color and structure Irregular brown globules Irregular streaks Nonhomogeneous/irregular hyperpigmentation with a bluish-white tinge This turned out to be bowenoid papulosis which is a clinical and pathologic diagnosis. The dermoscopic features have not been studied. Bowenoid papulosis may be considered to be a transition state between a genital wart and Bowen disase.
// ArrayUtils.CopyInsert(0.01, 2, nums, nums2);
// Use a static field to count instances. using System; class CountInst { static int count = 0; // Increment count when object is created. public CountInst() { count++; } // Decrement count when object is destroyed. ~CountInst() { count--; } public static int GetCount() { return count; } } class CountDemo { static void Main() { CountInst ob;
The rst step in curing a noise problem is to recognize how electrical noise is generated and how it penetrates electronic equipment. Figure 13.11 shows that electrical equipment can be divided into noise generators (alternators, generators, ignitions, regulators, DC motors, uorescent xtures, and some types of digital electronics) and noise receivers (radios and electronic navigation devices). Sometimes a single piece of equipment falls into both categories. I am reminded of my autopilot, whose DC motor caused noise in my radios, but whose electronic control went crazy when I transmitted on a nearby handheld VHF.
Design and prototype analysis sessions with end users Tight time frames RAD can almost be thought of as a 1960s-era protest of the political and business establishment. In most regards, it takes the opposite approach to software development from the then-traditional and time-proven (but also inefficient and time-consuming) development models created in the decades before.
the Mixers tab, and choose Options | Mixers | Color Harmonies. Choose a color model from the Model drop-down menu.
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The agent checks out a start-up license, and then immediately checks it back in again. The start-up license does not use the Linger API. The OUT: entry represents the license being checked out and the IN: entry represents the license being checked in.
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