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Figure 6-3 Biometric hand scanner (Image courtesy of Ingarsoll Rand Security Technologies)
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App Engine is akin to a data store. It won t do the complex things that Oracle will allow. The database is integrated well with Python, but only allows basic search and store functions that you would need to tuck away users information. Data objects are set up in Python, and then you use the save method and all the data disappears into the cloud where instances of the app can find it. Python looks a lot like SQL, but with a different syntax. That means that you can t use any of the millions of already scripted SQL tools to generate reports or produce graphs. Also, App Engine doesn t store joins, which will break some of the code written for traditional databases. Google App Engine isn t perfect. The documentation mentions web services and Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), but there isn t much support for them.
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Margin Assumptions
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The General Form of a Generic Class
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Bit Error Rate Measurements and Error Performance Analysis
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experience in Kosovo that this kind of a threat is not limited to major world powers. 5 Congress, with Senator Byrd s support, directed that the Army study biometrics and assess the Biometrics Fusion Center concept a central DoD facility to test and evaluate biometrics; to serve as a knowledge base for biometrics; and to be involved in storage of biometric data. Upon receiving favorable Army input, Congress established the Army as the DoD Executive Agent for biometrics. Section 112 of Public Law 106-246 states in part: To ensure the availability of biometrics technologies in the Department of Defense, the Secretary of the Army shall be the Executive Agent to lead, consolidate, and coordinate all biometrics information assurance programs in the DoD. 6 The DoD has begun implementing a smart card technology across the Department of Defense that will enable it to deploy troops faster and safeguard its people and facilities better. The DoD s Common Access Card (CAC) is a tamper-resistant identification card with an embedded 32-kilobyte memory chip. The CAC has already been issued at many stateside and overseas locations and will eventually be issued to 4 million people, including active-duty military, reservists, DoD civilians, and eligible contractor employees. If a CAC is lost or stolen, the identification and security accesses on the card can be invalidated immediately. Currently, the DoD Biometrics Fusion Center is conducting tests on various biometrics that can be used in conjunction with the CAC. In the near term, future versions of the CAC will be biometrically enabled, meaning the biometric reposed on the card will be used for access control, business processes, etc. To learn more about DoD biometrics, visit biometrics/.
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The first major trend is the integration of EoS into network elements other than MSPPs. Although the MSPP remains the primary vehicle for the deployment of EoS, the technology provides benefits that extend beyond MSPPs. Other network elements that have begun adopting EoS technology include the following:
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FacLastName VINCE EMMANUEL FIBON MACON COLAN MILLS FacDept MS MS MS FIN MS FIN FacRank ASST PROF ASSC PROF ASST ASSC FacSalary $35,000 $120,000 $70,000 $65,000 $40,000 $75,000 654-32-1098 765-43-2109 543-21-0987 FacSupervisor 654-32-1098 FacHireDate 01-Apr-95 01-Apr-96 01-Apr-94 01-Apr-97 01-Apr-99 01-Apr-00
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Take It Easy
switch(ch1) { case 'A': cout << "This A is part of outer switch"; switch(ch2) { case 'A': cout << "This A is part of inner switch"; break; case 'B': // ... } break; case 'B': // ...
If you want to catch exceptions of both a base class type and a derived class type, put the derived class first in the catch sequence. This is necessary because a base class catch will also catch all derived classes. Fortunately, this rule is self-enforcing because putting the base class first causes a compile-time error. The following program creates two exception classes called ExceptA and ExceptB. ExceptA is derived from Exception. ExceptB is derived from ExceptA. The program then throws an exception of each type. For brevity, it supplies only one constructor (which takes a string that describes the exception). But remember, in commercial code, your custom exception classes will normally provide all four of the constructors defined by Exception.
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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