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Computer results for shear failure from the above model were compared with experimental results from high strength beams tested by four universities, Cornell, North Carolina, Toronto and Imperial College London. The major outcome was that the values of range from 20 to 48 in the beams and unlike ACI model do not have a constant angle of 45 (Figure 4.21). Strength comparisons: The ultimate shear capacity of the beam is considered to have been reached when one of the following conditions is met: Capacity of stirrups in tension is exceeded, i.e., sy/ yld 1 Capacity of steel in tension is exceeded, i.e., sx/ yld 1 Various notations are described in papers by Khan et al, listed in the bibliography. High strength lightweight concrete beams with stirrups failed in shear in diagonal tension, as would be expected for beams without stirrups. In uence of parameters on beam behavior: It is observed that the ratio of Vntheory/VnACI capacity of two of the beams tested at Imperial College is below 1.0. The a/d ratios of such beams are between 2 and 4. Effect of o: ACI equation for stress-strain relation is o 0.00195 1.03 10 4 0.002 0.00012 (fc 3), fc 3 ksi (20.8 Mpa) 0 The major parameters are: o the compressive strain at the peak stress fcr the stress at which tensile fracture of concrete occurs. The ACI equation gives a higher value of 0 and thus overestimates the failure strain. Conclusions of theoretical and test beam studies of shear failure: 1. The results con rm the variable angle truss model theory for beams failing in shear. 2. The effect of concretes having different tensile stresses fcr can be signi cant on shear capacity of beam, concrete stresses, and steel strains. Like fc , fcr is an important parameter. 3. Load capacities using the MCFT for high strength lightweight aggregate concrete beams show lesser agreement with experimental values. By using actual stress-strain curves in compression and tension for the lightweight aggregate concrete, it is expected that differences will be smaller. 4. As fc values increase, ACI code shear capacities get more conservative. 5. It is seen that cracking planes may be located at angles as low as 20 degrees. Due to changes in the orientation of cracking angles, stress patterns are modi ed. 6. Effect of shear de ection also needs to be included at cracking stage in future studies. 7. Accurate evaluation of modulus of elasticity of concrete is important since Ec values are
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where P is a third-rank tensor that is cubic and homogeneous in p. It is omitted here, the interested reader being referred to Al-Daccak and Angeles (1993) for further details. Moreover, Gi denotes the polygonal boundary of Si contained in the plane Pi. Note that, just as the GDT is used in 3-D to reduce volume integrals, it is used in 2-D to reduce surface integrals to line integrals. Now let Gi,k denote the kth side of the m-sided polygon Si that joins the kth and the (k + 1)st vertices, numbered counterclockwise when the face of interest is viewed from outside the polyhedron. Moreover, a sum over subscript k is to be understood, henceforth, as being modulo m. Furthermore, the position vector p, shown in Fig. 7.12, of any point of Gi,k is de ned in the plane Pi as p = m i ,k + h i ,kSi ,k , p Gi ,k , 0 si ,k 1 (7.74)
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Cell loss might result from traffic congestion at switches, traffic policing, protection switching, header errors, or physical media problems. In order to measure cell loss, a stream of traffic with cell sequence numbers is transmitted through the network. At the receiving end, the number of cells lost is measured to arrive at the CLR (Figure 12.13).
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Just as in standard mode for FTP, passive mode has two connections: control and data. The bottom part of Figure 12-2 shows an example of the setup of these two connections. The control connection in passive mode is established in the same manner as standard FTP: the user device chooses an open port greater than 1023 as a source port and uses a destination port of 21. Whenever a data connection is needed, the user establishes the connection to the server this is the opposite of standard-mode FTP. For this data connection, the user device again chooses an open port number greater than 1023 as a source port, but acquires from the FTP server what port number to use for the destination port, a number greater than 1023. This number is negotiated on the control connection. Client on the Inside of the Appliance When the client is on the inside of the network and initiates an FTP connection to an FTP server on the outside of the network, the appliance allows the connection by default because the connection is traveling from a higher-level interface to a lower-level one. This is also true for the data connection. Therefore, both connections can be established unless you are filtering with ACLs. Client on the Outside of the Appliance In this example, assume that the client is on the outside of your network and that the FTP server is on the inside. For the initial client connection to work, you need to configure an ACL that will allow traffic heading to the FTP server for TCP port 21 without this, no type of FTP connection is possible. Once the command connection has been established, when the client attempts to retrieve or send a file, the client will attempt to establish a data connection to the server. Assuming that application inspection is enabled for FTP, the appliance automatically looks at the FTP commands that the user is entering on the command connection, as well as the connection information being negotiated, and dynamically creates an entry
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1. Add internal/external logon points. 2. In the Advanced Access Control console, navigate to the Logon Points node and choose the task Create logon point. 3. Input a name for the logon point, for example, InternalLogonPoint. Then, choose the default values for the rest of the wizard. You see a message that the logon point files have not yet been deployed, that is, created on the Advanced Access Control server. Ignore that message for now. 4. Go back and choose Create logon point again, but this time, name the logon point ExternalLogonPoint and, once more, take all the defaults in the wizard. 5. Execute the Server Configuration option in Start|All Programs|Citrix|Access Gateway. Choose Configured Logon Points on the left. Highlight InternalLogonPoint and choose Deploy. Do the same for ExternalLogonPoint. At this point, verify that virtual directories for both the logon points have been set up in IIS on the Advanced Access Control server. 6. Import the ICS scan package into the Advanced Access Control console. 7. In the Advanced Access Control console, navigate to the Endpoint Analysis| Miscellaneous node. Choose the Import scan package task and import the .CAB file for your scan package.
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Software as a Service
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Top/Bottom Rules Data Bars Color Scales
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Paging Systems
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0.4A R 1
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There is more to becoming a CISA than merely passing an exam, submitting an application, and receiving a paper certificate. Becoming a CISA is an ongoing journey. Those with CISA certification not only agree to abide by the code of ethics and adhere to the IS Standards, but they must also meet education requirements and pay certification maintenance fees. Let s take a closer look at the education requirements and explain the fees involved in retaining certification.
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