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More Data Types and Operators
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Flow control Synchronization
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Table 3-1: Popular Lens Filters and Their Usage
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myclass ob = 4; // automatically converts into myclass(4)
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STEP 1. Start the engine. STEP 2. Measure the voltage from Battery + to Ground. STEP 3. Momentarily connect the test light between Battery + and Alternator Terminal F. If the voltage from Battery + to Ground is now about 1 V higher than with the engine off, the alternator and regulator are OK, but the excite circuit is bad. You can either repair the excite circuit, or you can create an excite circuit temporarily by placing a 12 W lamp between the engine oil-pressure switch and Alternator Terminal F.
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Represents true/false values 8-bit unsigned integer Character Numeric type for financial calculations Double-precision floating point Single-precision floating point Integer Long integer 8-bit signed integer Short integer Unsigned integer Unsigned long integer Unsigned short integer
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macro will be stored in the current document instead of in a global project file.
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ShowBits creates objects that display a specified number of bits. For example, to create an object that will display the low-order eight bits of some value, use
Disaster Recovery Planning and Configuration
Uses and Benefits in MEP Coordination Process Useful for coordination, especially if walls are also provided in model Useful for showing how lowpressure ducts connect to diffusers Useful for coordination of finish utilities with other fixtures in a room (electrical fixtures, etc.) Required for coordination and routing of other trades and for inserting deck correctly before installation begins Main lines are required for coordinating with other trades, also required if they will be prefabricated; connections to VAV boxes can be left for field routing Useful for coordinating with other trades (can be drawn as a 3D block) Required for coordination with other trades and for prefabrication Required for underground MEP/FP coordination Required for coordination with other trades Required for coordination with other trades and finish utilities such as ceiling grid, sprinkler heads, HVAC diffusers, specialty lighting Required for routing and coordination with other trades Required for coordination with other trades Useful for coordination and prefabrication Useful for prefabrication but not required for coordination with other trades (typically modeled in 2D) (Continued )
Part III:
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