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16.2.1 Protocol conformance
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In this run, of the CPU time allotted to the program, the high-priority thread got approximately 98 percent. Of course, the precise output you see may vary, depending on the speed of your CPU and the number of other tasks running on the system. Which version of Windows you are running will also have an effect. Because multithreaded code can behave differently in different environments, you should never base your code on the execution characteristics of a single environment. For example, in the preceding example, it would be a mistake to assume that the low-priority thread will always execute at least a small amount of time before the high-priority thread finishes. In a different environment, the high-priority thread might complete before the low-priority thread has executed even once, for example.
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Gold atom nucleus Initial x-position
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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Figure 1.2 exhibits the indicated points and the two sets. These sets are called half-open intervals because each set includes one endpoint and not the other.
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Figure 21-5: The protocol stack for GSM interfaces As the information is passed between the mobile unit and the base transceiver station, the layers are similar but only used from the TDMA layer up to the radio resource management sublayer. The upper sublayers of layer three are not used at the user to mobile interface. This is shown in the next part of the drawing in stack number two from the left. Between the base transceiver systems and the Base Station Controller, the Abis interface is used. Here at the protocol stack, the layer 1 protocol is the Mobile/Message Transfer Part (MTP), which acts at the bottom three layers of the typical OSI interfaces. The Signal Connection Control Part (SCCP) and the Base Station System Mobile Application Part (BSSMAP) combine to form the equivalent of an SS7 protocol stack. This is shown in the third stack from the left. The BSSMAP is the equivalent of a TCAP as shown in Figure 21-6 , which is merely a comparison of the SS7 protocol stack.
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mation can be recreated by subtracting the two difference signals from the Y signal (roughly speaking). Different weightings are used to derive Y and color differences from RGB, such as YUV, YIQ, and Y CbCr. DVD uses Y CbCr as its native storage format. (Details of the data variations are beyond the scope of this book.) The sensitivity of the eye is not linear, and neither is the response of the phosphors used in television tubes. Therefore, video is usually represented with corresponding nonlinear values, and the terms luma and chroma are used. These are denoted with the prime symbols as Y and C , as is the corresponding R G B . (Details of nonlinear functions are also beyond the scope of this book.) Figure 2.5 Color and Luminance Sensitivity of the Eye
You can overload an operator for a class by using a nonmember function, which is often a friend of the class. As you learned earlier, nonmember functions, including friend functions, do not have a this pointer. Therefore, when a friend is used to overload an operator, both operands are passed explicitly when a binary operator is overloaded, and a single operand is passed when a unary operator is overloaded. The only operators that cannot be overloaded using nonmember functions are =, ( ), [ ], and >.
figure(double i, double j) { x = i; y = j; } virtual double area() = 0; } ; class triangle : public figure { public: triangle(double i, double j) : figure(i, j) {} double area() { return x * 0.5 * y; } }; class rectangle : public figure { public: rectangle(double i, double j) : figure(i, j) {} double area() { return x * y; } }; class circle : public figure { public: circle(double i, double j=0) : figure(i, j) {} double area() { return 3.14 * x * x; } } ; // A factory for objects derived from figure. figure *factory() { switch(rand() % 3 ) { case 0: return new circle(10.0); case 1: return new triangle(10.1, 5.3); case 2: return new rectangle(4.3, 5.7); } return 0; } int main() { figure *p; // pointer to base class int i; int t=0, r=0, c=0; // generate and count objects for(i=0; i<10; i++) { p = factory(); // generate an object
VoIP and SS7
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We calculate that ( g f ) ( t) = g( f ( t) ) = g t2 2 . t+1 ( )
inside sqr_it( ), and then run the program. As you can see, execution stops at that line. Figure 30-3 shows both the editor and Breakpoint List windows in the IDE. You may select Breakpoints from the View | Debug Windows menu to obtain this display. The
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
Interface Configuration for IGMP
Start the Console Wizard
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