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Planning and Management Currently the largest area of interest in BIM is in the development and management of the construction project. Various architects, engineers, and construction contractors are working with building information modeling to create and analyze their projects. The most common uses are systems coordination (e.g., clash detection and subcontractor communication and coordination) and systems fabrication (e.g., the mechanical subcontractor will design, lay out, and fabricate the ductwork with the aid of a 3D model). The project team will consist of all the persons who are responsible for the planning and production of the BIM, the owner, the designers, the managers, and administrators of the construction project. It is not necessary for all members to have the same understanding of the process, or the same skills in the application of the various processes related to BIM use and management. The variety of team members skills will be a strength in the makeup of the team. The management members of the team are those persons primarily concerned with the planning and administrative processes of the project. In some instances a BIM manager may also help with the production of models, or components, but management members will generally be utilizing the results of the modeling efforts of the hands-on team members. A thorough understanding of the concepts and processes is of primary importance for the BIM manager; the other management types will not need as thorough an understanding, however, and can rely on the BIM manager for expertise in making team decisions in this area. The actual persons building the virtual models BIM operators will generally work for either the construction company or the consultants to the owner. These model makers will be like the drafters of the CAD age; instead of drawings they are now producing 3D models and attaching the necessary information to them. If drawings are required, for building permits, financing, etc., they can of course be created from the BIM. (The advantage is that the drawings will then inevitably reflect the latest state of development of the BIM.) Most of these modelers will be able to use the software tools, but the application of the BIM and management skills will remain with project management individuals. It will of course be natural for a BIM operator to migrate through the technical role into a management role. Persons in modeling roles will not necessarily be graduates from the university engineering or construction management programs, but likely also come from vocational training programs. At this time many construction companies that are in need of modeling for projects will have it outsourced. Outsourcing is addressed in Chap. 2 of this book under BIM Concepts-The nature of the Building Information Model-Project Models-Model Sources. Tools and Processes The specific training for a hands-on operator is in the use of software tools and the processes that are facilitated by these tools. Training exercises can include the following areas of BIM activity.
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PIM Configuration
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How APIs Work
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Current in an Inductor
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Effect of Interest Income from Surplus Funds Here is an illustration of the effects of the interest income from the Surplus funds plug. We start with step 1, which assumes
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Figure 4.9 (Continued )
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IP: Because a union causes two or more variables to share the same memory location, unions provide a good way for your program to store and access information that may contain differing data types, depending upon the situation. If you think about it, unions provide low-level support for the principle of polymorphism. That is, a union provides a single interface to several different types of data, thus embodying the concept of "one interface, multiple methods" in its simplest form.
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Caption Name
If your camera doesn t have a digital noise filter, mount your camera on a tripod, and shoot several pictures in low light without a flash. The ideal test of a camera s ability to deal with digital noise is a night scene with bright lights and a dark sky. Shoot the first picture at the lowest ISO setting, the second picture at the next highest ISO setting, and so on. Download the pictures to your computer, and preview them at 200 percent magnification to see the ISO setting at which digital noise becomes visible.
strchr( ), strcpy( ), strncmp( )
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1. Create the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment\1.4 2. Create a string value JavaHome . 3. Locate the following key in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment\ 1.4.2_06 4. Copy the data from the JavaHome value in that key to the JavaHome value in the key you created.
This chapter discusses the various issues surrounding whole-house A/V systems and we ll explain how to connect your own system.
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