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Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference Equivalent to 120 words per minute. medium Equivalent to 180-200 words per minute. The exact number chosen is user agent dependent. fast Equivalent to 300 words per minute. x-fast Equivalent to 500 words per minute. faster Adds 40 words per minute to the current value of speech-rate. slower Subtracts 40 words per minute to the current value of speech-rate. Note that the words-per-minute figures for the keywords are normal for the Note English language. Although implementation experience shows that other languages have different speaking rates, these are not accommodated in the specification. Future revisions of CSS may or may not address this situation.
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3: The Audit Process
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Build Your Own Elec tric Vehicle
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Only reference types can be passed to T.
75-MHz Radio Frequency Band
Sum of first diagonal: 42
// Add constructor to TwoDShape. using System; // A class for two-dimensional objects. class TwoDShape { double pri_width; double pri_height;
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