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Triad Electric Vehicle Association
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In this example, samp s constructor takes two arguments. Here, the array sampArray is declared and initialized in main( ) by using direct calls to samp s constructor. When
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comparison of number of distributions and permutations for three different statistical mechanical models.
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Using curettage, serum hCG measurements, and a chest x-ray (CXR) (to assess if there are nodules associated with metastasis) hCG levels that do not decrease or that increase
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The Non-Generic Interfaces
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Force 5 Cr Wcos f 1 CdAV2 1 CwFd This is the propulsion or road-load force you met at the end of the rolling resistance section and graphed for the Ford pickup in Figure 5-5. You need to determine this force for your vehicle at several candidate vehicle speeds, and add back in the acceleration and hill-climbing forces. This is easy if you recall that the acceleration force equals the hill-climbing force over the range from 1 mph/sec to 6 mph/sec. You can now calculate your electric motor s required horsepower for your EV s design center. Horsepower (hp) 5 (Torque 3 RPM)/5252 5 2p/60 3 FV/550 Wheel RPM 5 (mph 3 Revolutions/mile)/60 The previous equation can be substituted to give HPwheel 5 (Torquewheel 3 mph 3 Revolutions/mile)/(5252 3 60) but, hpmotor 5 hpwheel/no where no is the overall drivetrain efficiency. Substituting the previous equation into this gives you: hpmotor 5 (Torquewheel 3 mph 3 Revolutions/mile)/(315120 3 no)) Plugging the values for torque, speed, and revolutions/mile (based on your vehicle s tire diameter) into the equation will give you the required horsepower for your electric motor. After you have chosen your candidate electric motor, the manufacturer will usually provide you with a graph or table showing its torque and current versus speed performance based on a constant voltage applied to the motor terminals. From these figures or curves, you can derive the RPM at which your electric motor delivers closest to its rated horsepower. Using this motor RPM figure and the wheel RPM figure, which gives you the wheel RPM from your target speed and RPM, you can determine your best gear or gear ratio from Overall gear ratio 5 RPMmotor/RPMwheel This or the one closest to it is the best gear for the transmission in your selected vehicle to use; if you were setting up a one-gear-only EV, you would pick this ratio. With all the other motor torque and RPM values you can then calculate wheel torque and vehicle speed using the following equations for the different overall gear ratios in your drivetrain: Torquewheel 5 Torquemotor/(overall gear ratio 3 no) Speedvehicle (in mph) 5 (RPMmotor 3 60)/(overall gear ratio 3 Revolutions/mile) You now have the family of torque available curves versus vehicle speed for the different gear ratios in your drivetrain. All that remains is to graph the torque required data and the torque available data on the same grid. A quick look at the graph tells you if you have what you need or if you need to go back to the drawing board.
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Modulator Lowpass filter Splitter Amplified splitter Crimp tool Coax cable stripper Wire stripper F connector Attenuator pads code 39 generator code project
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through a red filter, you will see a monochromatic image composed of shades of red. The image would look the same through the red filter if it were changed to a different color, such as gray. Since the red filter only passes red light, anything that s pure blue or pure green won t be visible. To get a balanced image, you would use three filters, change the image from each one to gray, and average them together.
This quadratic is factorable to
Duplicates State Covered briefly in the tutorial, this button is used to copy the Normal state to Over and Down states if you have deleted them using the command button, discussed next. Deletes Rollover State This deserves a little more quality time here: while editing any rollover state, you can delete the object(s) representing it by clicking this button. After a state has been deleted, there will be no object to represent it, so the rollover state will appear blank. If needed, use the Duplicates State button to create an exact copy of the Normal state back into a blank state to avoid the need to re-create the object(s) used for this state. If you ve deleted a state, be sure to set the Active Rollover State list back to Normal, or your button will be blank during an action when it s put up on a web page.
int Read(byte[ ] buf, int offset, int numBytes) long Seek(long offset, SeekOrigin origin) void WriteByte(byte b) int Write(byte[ ] buf, int offset, int numBytes)
The charging process is described at the cathode as: PbSO4 1 2e g Pb 1 SO4 The charging process (left of Figure 8-1) reverses the electronic flow through the battery and causes the chemical bond between the lead (Pb) and the sulfate (SO4) radicals to be broken, releasing the sulfate radicals back into solution. When all the sulfate radicals are again in solution with the electrolyte, the battery is said to be fully charged.
12 10 8 Acceleration in./degree2 102 6 4 2 0 -2 -4 -6 -8 -10 -12
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