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Figure 2-3. Sales Representative Sales Volume and Pay
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Catching All Exceptions
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Choose Edit | Preferences | Grid to display the Grid section of the Preferences dialog box. In the Gridline Every text box, type 33.3. From the Gridline Every drop-down menu, choose Percent. Click OK to close the Preferences dialog box.
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The prototype for fputc( ) is found in <stdio.h>. The fputc( ) function writes the character ch to the specified stream at the current file position and then increments the file position indicator. Even though ch is declared to be an int, it is converted by fputc( ) into an unsigned char. Because all character
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As the output verifies, objects of type RangeArray can be indexed in ways other than starting at zero. Let s look more closely at how RangeArray is implemented. RangeArray begins by defining the following private instance variables:
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Master hub/headend Node or sub/subhub
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Removing an Envelope effect from an object is a quick operation. If you applied Envelope effects in succession, all shaping can be removed at once. To remove an Envelope effect, select the object bound to the Envelope effect, and choose the Interactive Envelope Tool. Click the Clear Envelope button. The Clear Envelope command is also available by choosing Effects | Clear Envelope.
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The sopen( ) macro opens a file for shared-mode access using a network. It is defined as open( filename, (access | shflag), mode) The sopen( ) macro opens a file with the name filename and sets its access mode as specified by access and its share mode as specified by shflag. You can think of access as being constructed of a base mode of operation plus modifiers. The following base modes are allowed:
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The prototypes for strtol( ) and strtoul( ) are in <stdlib.h>. The strtol( ) function converts the string representation of a number stored in the string pointed to by start into a long int and returns the result. The strtoul( ) function performs the same conversion, but the result is an unsigned long. The base of the number is determined by radix. If radix is 0, the base is determined by rules that govern constant specification. If radix is other than 0, it must be in the range 2 through 36. The strtol( ) and strtoul( ) functions work as follows: First, any leading white space in the string pointed to by start is stripped. Next, each character that makes up the number is read. Any character that cannot be part of a long integer number stops this process. This includes white space, punctuation, and nondigit characters. Finally, end is set to point to the remainder, if any, of the original string. This means that if strtol( ) is called with 100 Pliers, the value 100L is returned and end points to the space that precedes Pliers . If a conversion error occurs, the return value is LONG_MAX for overflow, or LONG_MIN for underflow, or ULONG_MAX for strtoul( ). If no conversion could take place, 0 is returned.
Part I:
Having discussed the MPLS technology it is useful at this point to briefly introduce some of the applications for MPLS. One of the first applications for MPLS was to offer IP-VPNs. As mentioned previously, the MPLS VPN architecture is described in RFC 4364 but is often known as RFC 2547 after the initial RFC published to describe it. Most IP-VPN networks use LDP-signaled LSPs, since a full mesh of tunnels is required between the LERs and these can most easily be created using LDP.
Merger modeling really involves modeling three companies: the first company, which is the acquirer; the second company, which is the target; and the third, which is the combined new company. The acquirer and the target should be modeled separately through the forecast period, especially if the two companies operate in different industries or different sectors of an industry. With the exception of the numbers for the period from the last available data date to the deal date, for which some estimates would be needed, all of the information for the pre-deal period can be taken straight from the historical data. Merger accounting is complex because of the need to keep track of the flows of the two companies and layering in the effects of the transaction in the capitalization and the cash flows. Asset revaluations and goodwill calculations add to the complexity.
FIGURE 1.11 Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the University Database
If you could make one wish (other than living beyond the next 24 hours),
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