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Contractual Incentives to Implement Change
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Method overriding forms the basis for one of C# s most powerful concepts: dynamic method dispatch. Dynamic method dispatch is the mechanism by which a call to an overridden method is resolved at runtime rather than at compile time. Dynamic method dispatch is important because this is how C# implements runtime polymorphism. Here is an example that illustrates virtual methods and overriding:
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HVAC Units for Cooling and Humidity Control
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With each conductor playing an assigned role in safety, it is critical that they not be accidentally confused and reversed. For that reason, the ABYC assigns speci c colors to the insulation of each conductor in an AC circuit. Table 7.1 shows the color code for AC conductors. It is fortunate for those versed in residential wiring that the colors are the same.
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Nikon D100
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Let s examine this program closely. First, as explained, Area( ) is declared as virtual in the TwoDShape class and is overridden by Triangle and Rectangle. Inside TwoDShape, Area( ) is given a placeholder implementation that simply informs the user that this method must be overridden by a derived class. Each override of Area( ) supplies an implementation that is suitable for the type of object encapsulated by the derived class. Thus, if you were to implement an ellipse class, for example, then Area( ) would need to compute the area of an ellipse. There is one other important feature in the preceding program. Notice in Main( ) that shapes is declared as an array of TwoDShape objects. However, the elements of this array are assigned Triangle, Rectangle, and TwoDShape references. This is valid because a base class reference can refer to a derived class object. The program then cycles through the array, displaying information about each object. Although quite simple, this illustrates the power of both inheritance and method overriding. The type of object stored in a base class reference variable is determined at runtime and acted on accordingly. If an object is derived from TwoDShape, then its area can be obtained by calling Area( ). The interface to this operation is the same no matter what type of shape is being used.
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requires approximately 5 dBm LO power, with satisfactory LO-to-IF and LOto-RF isolation for most applications. It enjoys good IMD performance, with fair cancellation of even harmonic signals. However, the IF must be no higher in frequency than 50 MHz, since the difference between the LO and RF frequencies must be relatively small because of the mixer s resonant distributed design, which has to be able to react to both the RF and the LO frequency. For maximum LO rejection, design each microstrip section for the LO s output frequency. Perform the mixer design by first computing the following microstrip lengths: A B ( /4) ( /4) VP (at LO frequency) with 50-ohm microstrip. VP (at LO frequency) with 35.5-ohm microstrip.
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// Use Substring(). using System; class SubstringDemo { static void Main() { string str = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"; Console.WriteLine("str: " + str); Console.Write("str.Substring(15): "); string substr = str.Substring(15); Console.WriteLine(substr); Console.Write("str.Substring(0, 15): "); substr = str.Substring(0, 15); Console.WriteLine(substr); } }
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