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collecting goods for recycling, including updating guard railings on highways, and we can demonstrate and show that turnaround time from initial complaint or report receiving to ultimate repair, replacement, or adjusting it has taken 23 percent longer, on average. While we all, every one of us, have risen to the challenge of providing the citizens of this great city excellent service, this is unacceptable, as I m sure you ll agree.
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Do Not Show Filter Dialog For a few import file formats, a secondary dialog may appear, offering further options for handling inherent properties in the imported file. Choosing this option kills the display of this secondary dialog and is particularly useful for uninterrupted importing of multiple images. By default, this option is not selected. Maintain Layers And Pages If the file you are importing contains multiple pages and/or multiple layers, this option becomes available. By default, this option is selected. As the file is imported, additional pages are automatically added to your current document and/or layers are automatically added. Layers are controlled using the Object Manager docker. Link To High Resolution File For Output Using OPI Although this option seems relegated to the opposite corner of the Import dialog, it involves a complex and powerful capability that can be used to link specially prepared TIF or CT files to your document using OPI (open prepress interface) technology. The skinny on this technology is that it creates placeholder low-resolution images that contain internal links to high-resolution digital separation files. When printed, these external separations can be set to replace the imported placeholder. The goal is to offer you the option to incorporate high-resolution images into your document while maintaining reasonable document file sizes. By default, this option is not selected.
3: The Audit Process
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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With an application proxy, both components definition and enforcement of policies are performed on one server. Either users web browsers are configured to point to the proxy, or their traffic is redirected to the proxy. With an application proxy, the following steps occur when a user wants to download web content: 1. The user opens a web page. 2. All connections are redirected to the application proxy server, which might require the user to authenticate before external access is allowed. 3. The application proxy examines the connection(s) attempt and compares it with the list of configured policies. 4. If the connection is not allowed, the user is typically shown a web page about the policy violation. 5. If the connection is allowed, the proxy opens the necessary connections to download the content. The content is then passed back across the user s original connections and is displayed in the user s web browser.
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false match rate (or alarm rate) is the system s receiver-operating characteristic (ROC). These are the fundamental plots used in signal detection theory. An example is shown in Figure 11-1. The point where the plot crosses the equal error rate line is its crossover error rate. In Figure 11-1, the crossover error rate is 20 percent. In reality, most systems calibrate their match threshold to operate at either end of the curve; however, the crossover error rate is a useful reference point for comparing systems.
Implementing IComparable<T> for Generic Collections
Getting Ready for BusinessObjects XI
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