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Aligns text and numbers to the right. It is often easier to view numbers right-aligned. When you do this, be sure to align the corresponding column headings to the right as well. When you wish a column heading to span two columns, you can merge the two cells to create one wide cell. Launches a color dialog box to allow you to change the background color of the current cell. Launches a color dialog box to allow you to change the font color for the current cell. Invokes a drop-down that lets you choose the border size from None, Thin, Medium, or Thick. Launches a color dialog box to change the border color. The default border color is black.
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Router# show ip interface Ethernet1 is up, line protocol is up Internet address is Broadcast address is Address determined by setup command MTU is 1500 bytes Helper address is not set Directed broadcast forwarding is disabled Outgoing access list is not set Inbound access list is 100 . . .
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Part II:
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Part I:
Advanced Objects
DS2 rate. In these cases an M23 multiplexer can be used. The more common practice is to multiplex DS1s to DS2s, then to DS3 as shown in Fig. 7.18.
Here, class-name is the name of the class. Thus, a destructor is declared like a constructor except that it is preceded with a ~ (tilde). Notice it has no return type and takes no arguments. To add a destructor to a class, you simply include it as a member. It is called whenever an object of its class is about to be recycled. Inside the destructor, you will specify those actions that must be performed before an object is destroyed. It is important to understand that the destructor is called just prior to garbage collection. It is not called when a variable containing a reference to an object goes out of scope, for example. (This differs from destructors in C++, which are called when an object goes out of scope.) This means that you cannot know precisely when a destructor will be executed. Furthermore, it is possible for your program to end before garbage collection occurs, so a destructor might not get called at all. The following program demonstrates a destructor. It works by creating and destroying a large number of objects. During this process, at some point the garbage collector will be activated, and the destructors for the objects will be called.
mktemp( )
Function description
This list includes a couple of important items that should be discussed further. Switches in either server or client mode will process VTP messages if they are in the same VTP domain; however, some restrictions are placed on whether the switch should incorporate the changes or not. For instance, one function of the VTP summary advertisements is to ensure that all of the switches have the most current changes. If you didn t make a change on a server switch in the 5-minute update interval, when the countdown timer expires, the server switch still sends out a summary advertisement with the same exact summary information. It makes no sense to have other switches, which have the most up-to-date information, incorporate the same information in their configuration. To make this process more efficient, the configuration revision number is used to keep track of what server switch has the most recent changes. Initially this number is set to zero (0). If you make a change on a server switch, it increments its revision number and advertises this to the other switches across its trunk links. When a client or server switch receives this information, it compares the revision number in the message to the last message it received. If the newly arrived message has a higher number, this server switch must have made changes. If the necessary VLAN information isn t in the VTP summary advertisement, all client and server switches will generate an advertisement request and the server will respond with the details in a subset advertisement.
If bit 7 is set, the text blinks. Bits 6 through 4 determine the background color. Bits 3 through 0 set the color for the text. The easiest way to encode the background color into the attribute byte is to multiply the number of the color you desire by 16 and then OR that with the text color. For example, to create a green background with blue text you would use GREEN * 16 | BLUE. To cause the text to blink, OR the text color, background color, and BLINK (128) together.
AASHTO Publications
Frequency Synthesizer Design
space is not a problem, the convenience of a lightweight DLP system may outweigh (pun intended) the CRT heavyweight. However, it will be a shame to lose CRTs. For one thing, there has been over 60 years of research applied to developing the color display technologies that CRT uses, including phosphors, screen masks and color dot distribution to name a few. However, as the new technologies mature, considerable improvements have been made that are proving to make the good ol CRTs relics of a bygone era.
When a base class is inherited as private, all public and protected members of that class become private members of the derived class. However, in certain circumstances, you may want to restore one or more inherited members to their original access specification.
In addition to near-instantaneous search, most DVD and Blu-ray players include features such as freeze-frame, frame-by-frame advance, slow motion, double-speed play, and highspeed scan. Most players scan backward at high speed, but due to the nature of video compression, many cannot play at normal speed in reverse or step a frame at a time in reverse.
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