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Distributed Query Processing
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The process of creating an enhanced CD takes imagination, fortitude, and a seriously warped sense of humor, as is evident in this interview with the co-founder of Right Angle, Inc. (, Kelly Meeks. When the content is on the outer edges of contemporary humor, sometimes you have to pull out all the stops to keep in step. What can you tell me about the Jerky Boys comic that appears on this CD Johnny Brennan, the guy who does most of the voices, is just insane. I don t know how else to describe it. I ve never seen anyone as fast on their feet as he is doing this stuff. It s amazing. So these are real characters from the audio portion Oh yeah, everyone that you see there. You ve got Kissel, Pico, Jack Tors, Frank Rizzo who is the tough guy, and poor Sol Rosenberg, who is the neurotic guy who everything bad happens to. And Tarbash. These are the personas that these guys take on when they get on the phone and start crank calling. I guess it s not necessarily the type of program I d like to send to my mother. It could ensure my place in eternity, I m afraid.
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Some geometric parameters describing the A-, B-, and Z- conformations of DNA double helix.
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Part I:
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Handling Complaints Enhance the help desk department as explained later in the chapter. Enlist the aid of regional managers, if necessary, to help set user expectations during the implementation. Managing user expectations is something that should be done continuously during the process. This will decrease the number of calls to the help desk. Publish Deployment News Use e-mail or an intranet to publish ongoing news about the migration. Let users know of potential bottlenecks or other problems before they take place. Share the wins as well. Publish user testimonials about the migration. Deployment Guide Creating a deployment guide for implementation teams is discussed later in this chapter. In some organizations, users will be doing their own client setup. In these cases, the deployment guide can be of great assistance to them as well.
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TABLE 7-10
This type of integral wl be taken up later in problem 10-8. il
#include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> #include <errno.h> /* contains declaration for errno */ int main(void)
This program checks each character read from stdin and reports all those that are lowercase letters:
Data Modeling
ATM Layer Testing 282 Wide Area Networks
Farm Maintenance
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As just explained, the methods of a class typically manipulate and provide access to the data of the class. With this in mind, recall that Main( ) in the preceding examples computed the area-per-person by dividing the total area by the number of occupants. Although technically correct, this is not the best way to handle this computation. The calculation of area-per-person is something that is best handled by the Building class, itself. The reason for this conclusion is easy to understand: The area-per-person of a building is dependent upon the values in the Area and Occupants fields, which are encapsulated by Building. Thus, it is possible for the Building class to perform this calculation on its own. Furthermore, by adding this calculation to Building, you prevent each program that uses Building from having to perform this calculation manually. This prevents the unnecessary duplication of code. Finally, by adding a method to Building that computes the area-per-person, you are enhancing its object-oriented structure by encapsulating the quantities that relate directly to a building inside Building. To add a method to Building, specify it within Building s declaration. For example, the following version of Building contains a method called AreaPerPerson( ) that displays the area-per-person for a building:
we get into how the video game industry operates and how you can be part of it we re going to take a quick look at its history. Even though the industry isn t very old, certain events in the past had a profound effect on the way it does business. This may not sound like it has much to do with getting a job, but you ll appear more knowledgeable to a prospective employer if you understand not only how the business works, but how it got to where it is today. This chapter gives you that background information.
6 Developing Data Models for Business Databases
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