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Part II:
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Sticky learning allows a switch to dynamically learn MAC addresses up to the maximum allowed for the interface, which is then automatically saved in the switch s con guration.This is used
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Figure 5-12
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Pointer H3
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Although byte-oriented file handling is quite common, it is possible to use character-based streams for this purpose. The advantage to the character streams is that they operate directly on Unicode characters. Thus, if you want to store Unicode text, the character streams are certainly your best option. In general, to perform character-based file operations, you will wrap a FileStream inside either a StreamReader or a StreamWriter. These classes automatically convert a byte stream into a character stream, and vice versa. Remember, at the operating system level, a file consists of a set of bytes. Using a StreamReader or StreamWriter does not alter this fact. StreamWriter is derived from TextWriter. StreamReader is derived from TextReader. Thus, StreamWriter and StreamReader have access to the methods and properties defined by their base classes.
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A current arrow in a circuit diagram indicates the direction of ow of positive charge. A positive charge ow in one direction is equivalent to a negative charge ow in the opposite direction.
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For an Access data store, the default user name is citrix and the password is citrix. If users have access to the data store server, change the password using dsmaint config and keep the information in a safe place. IMPORTANT Ensure you create a backup of your data store before using dsmaint config to change the password on your data store.
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Prepare the Chassis
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Publishing to Disc with Adobe Acrobat
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
What about Reliability
What s the downside It s likely that any conversion vehicle you choose will not be streamlined like a soapbox derby racer. It will be a lot heavier than you d like it, and have tires designed for traction rather than low rolling resistance. You do the best you can in these departments depending on your end-use goals: EV dragster, commuter, or highway flyer. It s equally likely your conversion vehicle comes with a lot of parts you no longer need: internal combustion engine and mounts, and its fuel, exhaust, emission control, ignition, starter, and cooling/heating systems. These you remove and, if possible, sell. Then you have additional conversion vehicle components that you might wish to change or upgrade for better performance, such as drivetrain, wheels/tires, brakes, steering, and battery/low voltage accessory electrical system. On these just do what makes sense.
If you do this, you will see the screen that appears as Figure 19-1.
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