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Molly VP Sales
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="Sales Revenue Report " + Char(10) + FormatDate(LastExecutionDate; "MM/dd/yyyy")
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A simple spatial upgrade might be achieved simply by taking a subset of ONUs from one EPON and relocating this subset onto a new EPON. In this scenario, a new trunk fiber is deployed from the CO, spanning all the way to a new PSC, to which some branches are reattached. To avoid the construction costs associated with two fiber deployments, this upgrade fiber can be predeployed at the time of the original deployment. Alternatively, some network operators deploy EPONs by placing the splitter in the central office. This EPON configuration will require as much fiber as in point-to-point all-fiber (AF) networks, but it will still require only one transceiver in the OLT. This allows much higher equipment densities, which is typically important in COs. In this scenario, moving ONUs from one PON to another to balance traffic loads is a simple matter of reconfiguring the access network at the fiber patch panel.
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The output is shown here: qr code reader
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A little effort expended before conversion, in the who-where-what-when planning stage, can pay large dividends later because you ve thought out what you need beforehand and don t have to go running around at the last minute. Let s look at the individual areas.
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Sonic Solutions
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Table 21-3.
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Fig. 10-6 A schematic representation of a general power load consisting of passive circuit elements.
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Heavy-duty X10 wall receptacle (Photo courtesy
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Mass of phthalic anhydride and weighing paper (g) Mass of weighing paper (g) Mass of phthalic anhydride (g) Mass of sodium acetate and weighing paper (g) Mass of weighing paper (g) Mass of sodium acetate (g) Volume of ethylene glycol (mL)
Selecting the right piece of optical recording gear depends very strongly on the intended use. Products in this category range from simple CD recorders that can be installed internally in the most modest PC to expensive DVD-R units designed for testing and producing discs for replication. While cost is certainly a factor when considering the best type of recorder for your applications, you should also take into account playback compatibility, media costs, the available computer hardware interface, recording performance, platform support, bundled software, and similar factors. This chapter surveys the different types of optical recording equipment and provides examples of some of the available gear. Most recordable CD and DVD drives require a host computer. While there are a number of stand-alone recordable CD units available, primarily for use in compiling custom audio discs and producing disc masters for musicians, these units tend to be more limited in their uses than recorders that connect to a host computer. While specialized standalone recorders can be convenient and easy to operate, there are a number of advantages to being able to process and prepare les in a staging area on your host computer prior to recording. For example, if you have an interest in converting your collection of vinyl record albums to compact disc format, there are a number of excellent computer-based applications for handling noise reduction, click removal, and overall vinyl restoration. The options when capturing sound from vinyl records and rerecording to CD on a standalone recorder are much more limited; while you may be offered some rudimentary noise reduction tools, the range and exibility of PC-based sound editing software is far superior.
A call to Break( ) requests that the parallel loop stop as soon as possible, which might be a few iterations beyond the one in which Break( ) is called. However, all iterations prior to the one in which Break( ) is called will still execute. Also, remember that portions of the loop might be running in parallel, so if 10 iterations have taken place, it does not necessarily mean that those 10 iterations represent the first 10 values of the loop control variable. Breaking from a parallel For( ) loop is often useful when data is being searched. If the desired value is found, there is no need to further execute the loop. It might also be used if invalid data is encountered during an operation. The following program demonstrates the use of Break( ) with a For( ) loop. It reworks the previous example so that MyTransform( ) now has a ParallelLoopState parameter and the Break( ) method is called if a negative value is found in data. Inside Main( ), a negative value is put into the data array (which will cause the loop to break). The completion status of the transform loop is checked. Since the negative value in data will cause it to terminate early, the IsCompleted property will be false, and the iteration count at which the loop was terminated is displayed. (The program removes the redundant loops used by the previous version, keeping only the most efficient of each, which is the sequential initialization loop and the parallel transform loop.)
Events for Single Devices
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his chapter examines the String class, which underlies C# s string type. As all programmers know, string handling is a part of almost any program. For this reason, the String class defines an extensive set of methods, properties, and fields that give you detailed control over the construction and manipulation of strings. Closely related to string handling is the formatting of data into its human-readable form. Using the formatting subsystem, you can format the C# numeric types, date and time, and enumerations.
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To create objects that include time period awareness or year-to-date functionality is a two-step process. First, you must determine what is the definition of to-date : Is it whichever accounting month the books have closed Is it the calendar day of today The answer to this may depend on whether you are viewing accounting information or sales order information. Accountants may want closed accounting months, whereas salespeople will want the latest date possible. The second step involves grouping the information into columns of data as shown in the preceding table. Grouping information into columns of data is described in the next section, If-Then-Else Logic with CASE. If users want to run rolling reports, you can provide them with condition objects that let them select current time periods or a rolling period. If you are looking for a closed accounting month, the best practice is to store the closed accounting month as a flag in the time dimension table. If this is not available, create an interactive object that prompts for the closed accounting month.
Figure 12.22 Alternate methods for detailing of transverse reinforcements in columns/piers (dimensions in mm).
SSM Cards
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