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Figure 2.28 Converting Film to Video
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When planning Smart Home lighting, there are two ways in which lights can be set up and configured. One is by hardwiring the light controls, and the other is by
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Auditing Network Infrastructure
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While critics of biometrics contend that this new technology is privacy s foe, the opposite side of the coin also must be examined: biometrics can be a friend of privacy whether used in the private or public sector. Biometrics proves itself as privacy s friend when it is deployed as a security safeguard to prevent identity theft and to provide identity assurance. Let s consider an example drawn from the financial services industry but applicable to almost any fraud-prevention scenario: It is well known that criminals eagerly exploit weaknesses with present access systems, which tend to be based on passwords and PINs, by clandestinely obtaining these codes. They then surreptitiously access a legitimate customer s account or ATM. The honest citizen effectively loses control over her personal account information. Her financial integrity is compromised and her finances are gone because a criminal has gained unauthorized access to the information. In effect, she has suffered an invasion of her privacy related to her financial integrity. With biometric-based systems, identity theft, while never completely defeated, becomes more difficult for the criminal element to perpetuate. Biometrics means less consumer fraud, which means greater protection of consumers financial integrity.
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public int UserCount { get; set; }
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when answering a prompt, you use semicolons. Web Intelligence uses semicolons in both instances.
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Let S be the set of all people and T be the set of all strings of letters not exceeding 1500 characters (including blank spaces). Let f be the rule that assigns to each person his or her legal name. (Some people have rather long names; according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest has 1063 letters.) Determine whether f : S T is a function.
The outer set of parentheses are necessary to associate the cast with p and not with the return type of show_phone( ). While there is technically nothing wrong with casting a pointer in this manner, it is best avoided because it simply adds confusion to your code. While a base pointer can be used to point to any type of derived object, the reverse is not true. That is, you cannot use a pointer to a derived class to access an object of the base type. One final point: a pointer is incremented and decremented relative to its base type. Therefore, when a pointer to a base class is pointing to a derived class, incrementing or decrementing it does not make it point to the next object of the derived class. Therefore, you should consider it invalid to increment or decrement a pointer when it is pointing to a derived object.
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