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p = &B_ob; // p points to object of type B_class p = &D_ob; /* p points to object of type D_class, which is an object derived from B_class. */
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be increased. That s because the cable loss increased as the service bandwidth increased, so more ampli ers were needed per mile. Also, as better carrier-to-noise ratios and carrier-to-distortion gures were needed, the number of ampli ers allowed in a cascade decreased. Such problems required many older cable systems to limit their bandwidth and the number of service channels. This problem is made clear in Example 2-1, where the upper frequency is 750 MHz with 110-channel loading. The sample calculations indicate that the ampli er cascade has to be limited to about ve ampli ers if the speci cations for distortion are to be adhered to. Clearly, long cascades are prohibited for wideband highquality cable systems. Replacing the coaxial cable trunk cascades with ber optical systems enables cable operators to provide 110 channels at 750 to 1000 MHz.
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Summary of Transformations
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Modular Policy Framework
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Frame Relay uses VCs for connectivity. A VC is a logical connection between devices. There are two types of VCs: PVCs, which are similar to a leased line, and SVCs, which are similar to circuit-switched calls. VCs have advantages over leased lines in that once a physical connection is provisioned, it is easy to add VCs as well as allocate bandwidth for users or applications by using VCs. If you want to fully mesh your Frame Relay routers, use this formula to figure out the number of required connections: (N (N 1)) / 2. LMI defines how a Frame Relay DTE (router) interacts with a Frame Relay DCE (carrier switch). There are three types of LMI: Gang of Four, ANSI Annex D, and ITU-T Q.933 Annex A. LMI is local to the two devices (router and Frame Relay switch) and is never forwarded to another device. By default, DTEs originate LMI messages. Cisco routers generate LMI messages every 10 seconds, with a full
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DC Voltmeter
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TABLE 21-7 Methods De ned by Decimal
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C++ from the Ground Up
30Since the video is sped up 4 percent when played, the audio must be adjusted before it is encoded. In many cases the audio speedup causes a semitone pitch shift that the average viewer will not notice. A better solution is to digitally shift the pitch back to the proper level during the speedup process.
Because the tables are so large, Bigtable splits them at row boundaries and saves them as tablets. Each tablet is about 200MB, and each server houses 100 tablets. Given this, data from a database is likely to be stored in many different servers maybe not even in the same geographic location. This architecture also allows for load balancing. If one table is getting a lot of queries, it can remove other tablets or move the busy table to another machine that is not as busy. Also, if a machine fails, since the tablet is spread to different machines, users may not even notice the outage. When a machine fills up, it compresses some tablets using a Google-proprietary technique. On a minor scale, only a few tablets are compressed. On a large scale, entire tablets are compressed, freeing more drive space.
/* Use BinaryReader and BinaryWriter to implement a simple inventory program. */ using System; using System.IO; class Inventory { static void Main() { BinaryWriter dataOut; BinaryReader dataIn; string item; // name of item int onhand; // number on hand double cost; // cost try { dataOut = new
Step 4: Calculate cumulative incentive earned to-date Step 5: Calculate guaranteed minimum incentive amount
Antenna Location
When a < 0 we call this an underdamped system, which is a sinusoid with a decaying amplitude. An example is shown in Fig. 6-18. In all three cases, the constants A and B are determined from the initial conditions. EXAMPLE 6-12 Find the zero-input voltage as a function of time across the capacitor in a series RLC circuit with L = 2, C = 1/10, and R = 12 and a voltage source v(t) = 4 cos 10t. The initial conditions are v(t) = 1, v(t) = 0.
8. 9.
The sampled phase trajectory is processed to produce a demodulated data pattern. The data pattern is used by the digital signal processor to synthesize a perfect phase trajectory. Overlaying the sampled trajectory with the perfect trajectory highlights the imperfections in the measured modulation (Figure 19.3b). Subtracting the two waveforms produces a plot of phase error at each point across the TDMA burst.
Tan 1 ( 3).
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